Edge’s Wife Rants Hardcore on Lita

First off, just gotta say that the fact that cnn.com has a ‘Vatican smoke cam’ link on their front page is sheer ridiculousness.

Next, I’m not sure how many people here have heard that Edge cheated on his wife with Lita (who was in turn cheating on Matt Hardy). Things got even more strange when Matt Hardy was fired by the WWE a few weeks back. Apparently, being cuckholded is now a fireable offense at Titan Towers. Anyways, via Scott Keith, I see today that Edge’s wife came out of the mists and just started blasting Edge and Lita with both barrels. Highlights include:

Personally I always liked Amy as a wrestler. As a person I always thought she was kinda a bitch and kinda looked like a man but I just chalked that up to all of the steriods she did… but hey maybe she’s like Adam and only tried them once (Off the Record) and still doing them! Oh OK!

Here’s my favorite part:

I am trying to forgive Adam and Amy but it will take a while. Edge and Lita may be one thing, but take away Adam’s steriods and what would he be? Another 6’4″ skinny guy and take away Amy’s oppenents like Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Victoria–Girls that know how to wrestle and guess what? That nasty bitch will bust her knee cap every other 7 months. Good riddance to them both. They deserve each other. Just remember what goes around comes around. I may not have handled this in the best way possible, but I never expected this to be my life right now so please forgive me……….. God bless Matt and all the future has to offer him. And God bless Adam and Amy b/c they will need it when Karma comes knocking on their doors!

Holy hell, wrestling is still hilarious!

Also, dropped Erin at the airport this morning; destination Costa Rica. I told her before she walked into the terminal to be mindful of kidnappers, dinosaurs, and to have fun with her sister.

Now let’s see the brewers snap that losing skid.


19 thoughts on “Edge’s Wife Rants Hardcore on Lita

  1. I never got a call from erin upon her presumed arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica. I hope she wasn’t already kidnapped; ERIN IF YOU’RE OUT THERE AND YOU HAVE INTERWEB ACCESS, POST YOUR LOCATION AND KIDNAPPERS’ DESCRIPTIONS ON WHAZZMASTER!

  2. HIIII FROM COSTA RICA! Mom, if you’re reading this, and for Zach too, we haven’t been kidnapped yet. You know, I should have probably learned at least one Spanish word before I came here, but I am having fun. I’m having a ton of rice and beans, and I’m totally intimidated by all the beautiful Costa Rican women. Went out to a club last night – fun. Went out rafting today – fun. Umm, I gave a dude our address to send me some pictres of it, Baby. I promise he won’t kidnap either one of us though. He was nice, and his name is Alejandro, and he’s an engineer in Puerto Rico, but he’s probably not as good of one as you. Ok, more later. Post some more shit-talking from Lita & Edge’s significant others – I love it. Whazz on!

  3. how the christ did i spend $500 on that bean bag chair?!

    i just saw a bunch at the mall for like $175… they even had one that came with a chinchilla cover for $350 total!


  4. Someday when you need a lawyer, Zach, because Alejandro has shown up on your doorstep – call me.

  5. erin, welcome to central america! make sure to hit pollo campero before you leave. way better than KFC and a whole lot cheaper but sadly without the mac and cheese

  6. Went to the game yesteday and watched the brewers beatdown on the Giants. I almost got beatdown by a swarm of angry Giants fans. I ran into exactly three other Brewers fans and that’s sad because I actually walked the seats looking for more of me.

    I did however run into several other people that were from Wisconsin but they turned punk and became Giants fans…word.


  7. for some reason i remember when one of my friends dated sam for like an hour in 5th grade. it was a big deal back then. i don’t remember the dudes name though….

  8. do you guys still play that WWE fantasy game?

    if so, how many million points did you get for JR beating the game in a tv main event? jesus.

  9. Right now on ESPN2: The World Juggling Federation Championships. Penn of Penn & Teller is one of the announcers.

  10. penn is a world class juggler… he has a few videos even. i checked them out when i was learning… but all i can do is 3 or 4 balls… they fuck around like 7.

    there is a brother sister team from like norway or something that is fucking sick. they are like 16 and can juggle 48 cars at once. sick.

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