Interesting intersection of crazy rhetoric and non-crazy musing

This morning one of my co-workers came to talk with me because when you type a certain phrase associated with my employer and business unit into Google, lo and behold is the number one result. This wouldn’t be so bad since I don’t say anything confidential there, but my co-worker was slightly concerned that the link at the top of the page (pointing to the previous blog entry) was titled “Fucking Republicans!” As we all know, that post stemmed from the time someone signed me up for the Republican National Committee mailing list and I had an… er, adverse reaction.

Now, the interesting thing here is that in musing about the possibilities of my employer starting their own blog, I never considered the fact that my whazzmaster post would become the de facto Google result when one searched for that blog. Oh Google, you so crazy; thanks for getting me noticed here at work. Next time, try to serve up a page that credits me with inventing something cool instead of publicizing the fact that I called 51% of America a swear. My grandma would not approve.

You know, I have a rather keen sense of who will and won’t see my rantings here at Whazzmaster, and I generally have no problem with anyone reading what I write. I don’t necessarily think you commenters realize it though. For instance, there could be dozens (or even hundreds) of people linking through Google to that one particular post about my work. What will they see?

[March 26, 2005 01:31 AM] by peterstiffly
I think your Intuit blog must incorporate words like “skrillionaire”.

[March 26, 2005 01:52 PM] by Big J
1. I made it safely back from Iowa. While there I stayed at the state’s only gay motel, and even have photographic evidence of a convenience store that someone named the “Kum ‘N’ Go.”
2. A+ on the reply letter, Zacharoni. Those assholes know better than to send psychotic lefties like me or Cal that junk. If I got that, I would buy a red permanent marker and scrawl “DON’T YOU IDIOTS KNOW I’M A COMMUNIST?” over the letter and send it back. When I say or do things like that, my significant other brings me back into line by reminding me that they don’t allow you to use hot rollers in prison. Enough said. 3. I was trying to think of a job where I could spend my mornings sipping vodka cranberries and listening to Janet Jackson. Any ideas? Just being a gay thirtysomething male doesn’t count. It’s impossible.

[March 26, 2005 05:59 PM] by cal
word, they know better. jen, mpenny i take all the bad things i said about my dear mayor- he is good. i was blinded by the green guy. whazzers! hello! moneypenny i have a gift for you it is music. the gift of music. here is my question: where is wirkus? what’s up nonposter?
go ‘sconnie.
your frined,

[March 26, 2005 10:02 PM] by peterstiffly
“Kum ‘N Go” is actually a chain of gas stations in northern Wisconsin. One went up in Amery a couple of years ago. The best name I have ever seen for a gas station is the “Pump ‘N Munch” in downtown Minneapolis. I wish I would have had a camera the last time I was by it.

Now I have to go, hopefully without unintentionally verbally crapping over all cult-crazy Scientologists the world over. Crap.


12 thoughts on “Interesting intersection of crazy rhetoric and non-crazy musing

  1. I make no apologies for Iowa. My Con Law professor says that its because all the nuts really do roll downhill, hence Texas. I heart, and I sincerely hope that you don’t get fired over such a wonderful lil’ blog. OK – I’ve got finals to fail.

  2. Judd is almost to Pacifica, what kind of shit is bout to go down?!?! Stay tuned. Oh yea and the secret of Intuit is actually a system of pulleys and levers all controlled by a load bearing beam.

  3. on recommendation from arlo i just checked out a new white canadian rapper named “buck 65”. his new cd is “this right here is” (buck 65).

    it’s like a mix of everlastesque rock, hip hop, techno…

    at times i found the lyrics and spoken word style a bit par-ish, but the beats are extremely captivating and original.

    i liked it.

  4. I actually stumbled upon Buck 65 a few months ago. “Pants on fire” I feel is one of his better showings.

  5. Also download Cunning Lynguists a few of their really good songs include but not limited to: “616 rewind”, “motzart” and “war”

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