Down, Set, HIKE~!

As Erin and I had a lot to talk about this weekend, we decided it would be a good idea to go for a walk. I had just had this fantastic idea to buy a new backpack and I wanted to put it on and walk around somewhere. We ended up going to St. Joseph’s Hill which is kinda just of the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I had a really great time getting out into nature and chatting about my personal beliefs on evolution (yes!) and intelligent design (no!) and it was great to see the views from up there. We think that it may be a good getaway to go hiking every weekend somewhere in the bay area as there do seem to be a lot of places to go. If you’re in the bay area and looking for places to go check out, is a great resource.

On Sunday we went to the Campbell Farmer’s Market. I was on the lookout for Superfoods, but we ended up meeting an interesting fellow originally from Green Bay. He wanted us to come and see his house (near to downtown Campbell) and he suggested we get together for dinner some time. Maybe I’ll invite GMC too, so I have some protection in case he’s psycho. We bought some awesome foccacia bread from a man who was excited to tell us about the organic wheat and such that went into its creation. I just wanted to know if it tasted good, and after he gave us a sample I was sold. One package of Pesto and one package of Tomato.

Erin started her new job at Macrovision today. You may remember them as the folks who didn’t want you copying videos in the early 90s. Good luck, Erin.

And now, since Judd waited until 12:15 to ditch me for lunch, I am off on my own to find some food. I had a Superfoods breakfast of yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, and walnuts, but I could use a little somethin’ somethin’ for luncho. Holler back, whazzmaster.


2 thoughts on “Down, Set, HIKE~!

  1. I had super foods for lunch that consisted of 2 big macs, large fry and strawberry milkshake

  2. Yeesh, that dude that wrote Superfoods RX would not approve. I’m no better; I had a burger and curly fries for lunch with a side of basil tomato beef stew. Too much rosemary, IMHO.

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