Family Guy and Pease Press

I forgot to mention that the first new episode of Family Guy in three years was on last night (Fox at 9pm PDT). My opinion: freakin sweet. I absolutely think that they haven’t lost a step. Also, Robot Chicken was exceptionally good this week as well.

In other news, I found the website of a guy in San Francisco that makes trail maps of the bay area. If you’re from around here check out Pease Press for some good Pacifica and Marin maps. I’m thinking of ordering the Pacifica map because I found an interesting trail on

Brewers swept the Reds this weekend which is awesome, and they’re back to a quasi-respectable 11-13 record after that hellacious 7 game losing streak. Why can’t St. Louis just sink into the ground? Huh?


7 thoughts on “Family Guy and Pease Press

  1. I started listening online when we got back from the farmer’s market. Uke’s call was awesome when Overbay hit the homer.

  2. Due to Blaine and I getting unexpectedly wasted in the city yesterday, I am unable to remember the Family Guy episode. I know I did not make it til Robot Chicken because I puked and passed out right after (maybe during) Family Guy.

  3. 1. zach if you want to explore the bay area, buy a handheld gps and go to i went on a few of them with friends here and it was fun.

    2. yes family guy and robot chicken were both good. i was a little disappointed in myself as i watched family guy more focused on if it was just as good as before rather than just watching it and laughing. that all ended when chris tucker pulled out a joint.

    3. my dog balls just got sliced off.

    4. chappelle show in less than a month… again, i’m not excited, i’m more concerned if the quality level will remain high. that sucks. i’m sure that’s the same reason that dave delayed the season a good while. i’ll be watching to see if they continue the racism theme and grind it into the ground or go in a totally new direction. i think best case scenario is they focus on making fun of their prime demographic of drunk and high 23 year old males.

    5. why am i up at 9am?

    6. why am i sober?

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