It’s only Tres de Mayo but Judd’s already fearing for his life down in Lil’ Mexico on the east side of San Jose. I happen to think that by Thursday the east side will be devoid of life, as most people there will have been arrested by the zealous officers of the San Jose Police Department. Apparently, last weekend downtown San Jose almost melted down in the wake of Uno de Mayo festivities. I’m sorta glad I was miles away on a trail because the threat of dying via car crash or gunshot wound is usually 1,000% higher during Cinco de Mayo in San Jose. I think it was last year or the year before that somebody killed a cop? Can’t remember the details.


4 thoughts on “MEXICANO!

  1. san jose cops get like 85k STARTING salary. fuck them. if i was a mexican making like 8 bucks a year, i’d kill a cop too.

  2. And I’ll be the public defender fighting the crooked racist cops and defending the illiterate criminal underclass. I wish I were in Cali. Do you know the way to San Jose?

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