An Equation For Happiness

( 5 Straight Wins ) + ( Sweeping Reds ) – ( Kerry Wood [injury] ) = Brewers are 2nd in the NL Central

If they sweep the Cubs I’m gonna cream my jeans.


8 thoughts on “An Equation For Happiness

  1. the rach-ho makes me watch entertainment tonight… they told me about that yesterday saying it had just halted and they would have all the details tomorrow (today)…

    so i guess check out ET for details.

  2. I guess the thing that impressed me about it was the whole “where to put the brackets” aspect.

  3. Interesting article, far more sophisticated a review than what I’d expect from Newsweek. C’mon wirksu, this ain’t the type of city where you can cream your jeans just because the Brewers swept up trash. 3-1 Crew. Please let them sweep up those pieces of shit.

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