Creamy Jeans

In what some might say is a modern day Christmas miracle, complete with lessons learned and malted milk musical masterpieces, the Brewers completed their second straight home sweep today. Steve Bartman is somewhere crying right now, as the Cubs fell in three straight games to the red-hot Milwaukee Brewers. The Crew has seven straight wins going into the weekend in the series against the 15-14 New York Mets. Let’s hope the Brewers offensive output continues over the weekend. I’ve already creamed my jeans; what’ll I do if the Brewers are the owners of a 10 game win streak by Monday? Check back and find out.

ps– I was going to name this entry ‘Creamy Jesus’ because the phrase cracks me up, but I’ll leave it for later.


3 thoughts on “Creamy Jeans

  1. I have answered my phone for the last 2 days, “Constitutional Law Hotline, how may I help you?” NOW IT’S OVER.

    I love the Brewers if they are beating a team from Illinois.

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