Rise and Fall of ECW

Anyone who watched wrestling in the mid-90s should know what ECW was, and if you haven’t seen The Rise and Fall of ECW DVD yet it should be a crime. I had seen it when GMC bought it quite a while ago, but I picked it up last week because I had a hunkerin’ to watch it again. I really, really like it if only for the fact that Paul Heyman lays it out. It’s really weird that the WWE has Vince, Bischoff, and Heyman all on staff right now, and the three-way argument they have (via editing) is surreal.


12 thoughts on “Rise and Fall of ECW

  1. I would dare to say that it is one of the most “true to life” DVDs that WWF has ever put out

  2. Super Milk Chan on Cartoon Network. It is crazy. Chan at one point in every episode screams, “You dumbass!”

  3. tivo “billiards” on espn, then watch it on 1 arrow fast forward. good times.

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  5. ummmm… if you’re moving to milwaukee, i suggest you look for places to live in milwaukee as well. it would keep commute time down.

  6. Allow me to clarify…can anyone suggest resources to locate housing within the Milwaukee-metro area?

  7. East Side is home to the hip and young; the South Side is mainly Mexican; most of the North, save a small area around Marquette, is straight up ghetto; the west in uninhabitable unless you want to live on a boat. Really, for a man in your shoes, I’d suggest West Allis, Shorewood or some other ‘burb. You can get a nice place for cheap.

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