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All this week I’m in a Wintellect training class here at work, 9a to 5p daily. You may remember that I took one last November that was awesome. That one was on the .Net Framework with Jason Clark. This week it’s the Mastering Windows Debugging class and its being taught by John Robbins. I don’t mean to name-drop but that name means a lot in developer circles and it’s fantastic to be in a class of ten with him teaching in a very freeform style. Great back and forth. We’re two hours into a weeklong class and I’ve already absorbed a lot of good info on dev practices and tips. It’s really exciting.

I also now want to get a tablet PC. They have a lot of cool uses beyond what is obvious. And if you’re not down with computer programming, fuck you too!


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  1. The emphasis on web services and ASP.NET are too cool. Everyone wants to write server apps and with today’s technologies, it’s doable, but it’s much harder than it needs to be. That’s because today’s technologies are square pegs being jammed into a round hole. With .NET, it’s a technology that has the web/interconnectivity built right in.

    Another thing I find fascinating is that the object model is clean. Granted, Microsoft finally made the break from the past and didn’t have to drag all of those weird things forward. I’ve always thought it insane that a window and a dialog were two separate things in Win32!

  2. I appreciate the sentiment of “There will be a computer in our house.” However, I am not familiar with any of the uses of tablet PC’s, cool or obvious. In addition, I’m not all that down with computer programming, so before you fuck me too, can we please discuss (1) what exactly a tablet PC is, (2) how much a tablet PC costs, and (3) whether it might be wiser to repair the old computer with a Windows XP disc than buy a new one? Thank you; that is all for now.

  3. 1) jesus christ. GMC, what the huggabaloo are talking about?

    2) what is a tablet PC, and what is it’s obvious use? i assume it’s like a laptop but just the screen, which seems like a disadvantage for a home PC… don’t you want a keyboard?

    3) i just farted.

  4. Tablet PCs are basically just laptops with ability to swivel the screen around and write on it like a piece of paper. There is then software that translates your notes into files. It’s really just a laptop with one additional piece of functionality. I had never seen one up close before today and it’s pretty neat. Of course, all you jackals will just make fun of me, so I have no fucking clue why I’m explaining it to you. Sucker for punishment, I guess. Eat it.

  5. The above writing by GMC does not look like something he would write or say. It looks like a paragraph out of some tech review magazine.

  6. I HATE POKER. 5-10 table:

    I HAVE AKs IN THE BIG BLIND. it is capped by the button. small blind calls 3.5 bets cold. flop is AK9. they check, i bet, someone else raises, they call, i raise, capped… you get the picture.

    runner runner 4s.

    seriously. that shit is a set up or some shit. NO PERSON can be that stupid. NOT EVEN A DEGENERATE GAMBLER WOULD EVER MAKE THAT PLAY.

    i’m pissed.

  7. Shitty, dude. I feel you pain. Last nights Grand Prix was a total bust. My third hand was 88. I limped, flop was 6 high with 2 spades. I bet 200 one dude called. The turn was a spade. Check, check. River was another spade. Dude bets 40, I call. He limped with 1010, he wins. A few hand later, I get JJ in my BB. The button raises 150, I call. Flop is 962. I fire out 300, he goes all in. I ponder and ponder. PAL it’s your turn to act, hurry up! I fold, he flashes 666. Now I’m half dead in the first 10 seconds. Next time in the blinds, I get Q2, flop is Q72. The other blind bets 200, I push, he calls with Q10. The turn is a 7 (fuck!) the river is another 7 (whew!). I fold rags for the next half hour, blinds rise to 50-100. Catch and AK. There is 400 in the pot pre-flop, I push, dude calls. 22 vs AK. Flop is 2KJ all spades. I have the A of spades. The turn is a 10…river is a 6. Pfffft. I guess I’m proud to have steered my self out of the 88 and JJ situations, but overall, things did not go my way.

  8. including that hand and since then, i am down $500 with about 89 stories exactlly like the one above. it is insane.

  9. holy christ. the hand after that post i have JJ. capped preflop with 4 people. flop is J72 rainbow. turn 3, river 6.

    45o takes the $220 pot.

  10. I guess you don’t know GMX then. There are actually many different faces of GMX. Many of you would be suprised by how intelligent GMX really is.

  11. 1. Ok, did JR call Edge a “damn varmit” as RAW went off the air?

    2. What is up with all the kissing on wrestling these days? Not to go all kissing-is-gross, but these wrestlers kissing IS FUCKING GROSS.

    3. I’m so pissed. The 1st raw after the PPV was A+ and now the next two have been duds. And Smackdown! No…stoopid.

  12. in fuck my ass with a goat news, total day at poker: -$810.

    last hand: 10-20, i have AA on the button. capped. 4 guys in.

    flop A29. capped. 3 guys in.
    turn J. capped. 3 guys in.
    river T. i raised but knew what was coming.
    re-raised… i call. dude had KQo.

    i lost $220 on that hand, and called it a night. i’ll be working the next 3 days to make my net profit for 4 days exactlly 0. masturbation is free.

  13. the beats were so bad today at pokerroom i seriously think it is rigged. other dude had 99 in that hand if you were curious.

    i have never seen so many 2-3 out beats on the river EVER. and they were all against me when i had the nut on the turn. nothing to do except large doses of anything i can get my hands on.

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