Back to Square One

After a week or so of happiness, the Brewers still-unsnapped 3 game losing streak is settling me down amongst the smelly doldrums. The only good thing is that with training during the day and the gym and schtuff at night (plus my computer is broken) I don’t have much time to feel depressed. Just snap the skid tonight and take the rest of this four-gamer against The Nationals.

In other news, Wirksu apparently told Ewaz that I couldn’t find the keys to the whazz machine. I received a drunken late-night voice mail from The Man hisself telling me that I was a very bad person. I found the keys, though. Everyone come out to Cali for a whazz tourney.


2 thoughts on “Back to Square One

  1. Milwaukee whazzers – what do you think of the Hyatt downtown? Think it would be a decent place to work?

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