Montalvo Park, For Sheezy

Finally back up and running on the computer at home; it broke a week and a half ago and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until last night. Either my RAM is b0ned or the RAM slot on my motherboard is. I’m not sure which yet, but I switched slots and it is tenuously running. The wireless internet falls apart about every 10 minutes and it powers down randomly, but I was able to back up my Quicken file and my photos. Looks like the Moneypenny house might be in for a new computer soon if this piece of shit keeps it up. I also just noticed that the throughput on my net connection (for the few minutes it’s up) is complete shit.

I’m also uploading two sets of photos from two of our recent hikes, including the Death March at Muir Woods when Wirksu was out visiting. It’s highly reccomended as you can virtually see the anger and frustration grow on our faces throughout the slideshow as Cal drags us through more and more of Northern California’s beautiful wilderness. I jest however, as my newfound love of walking around in Nature is due to Cal forcing us to walk The Ben Johnson trail that fateful day.

The other gallery I put up was from our Big Basin Hike several weeks ago. We attempted the 12.1 mile out and back trail from the Pacific Ocean up into the mountains. The big woop-dee-doo is supposed to be Berry Falls at the turnaround point. It’s a 60 foot waterfall up in the hills. I would have liked to see it but we only got about 3 or so miles in when we realized that if we didn’t turn around and start heading back we would maybe not make it before dark. One place I never want to be in the dark is in the middle of a forest. I did that once in Louisiana and it didn’t work out so well.

Today’s hike was over at Montalvo Park. First things first: we forgot the camera, and after I’d taken two pictures with my phone’s camera it crashed with memory problems. So the only pics we have from today are in the moblog. Montalvo is a great hike. From the description:

Villa Montalvo is a massive estate formerly owned by James Phelan,Lookout Trail tucked into mouth of a canyon a few miles from Saratoga. After his death the property was bequested to a non-profit organization dedicated to artistic endeavors. An amphitheater and villa, among other small buildings, host arts programs and musical events year round. A landscaped arboretum garden in front of the villa is a popular site for weddings.

The posh villa and the carefully groomed gardens, with many exotic plants, are contrasted by the natural beauty seen along the hiking trails. Managed by Santa Clara County Parks, a handful of narrow dirt paths arch around the sides and back of the villa, climbing out of a redwood canyon to Lookout Point. At this, the park’s highest (reachable) point of around 1200 feet, a bench provides a nice place to sit and look across the valley to Mission Peak.

Villa Montalvo is so small that junctions seem to pop up around ever corner. You can easily walk a big crescent-shaped loop through the park in Lookout Pointan hour or so, and the elevation changes are minor. This is a good destination for families with small kids and older folks, although visitors are not permitted to picnic on the grounds near the villa.

Click through to the hike description to get some great pictures as well. The hike was only two miles looped, so we were in and out around an hour and a half. It has some good elevations changes and the Lookout Point is a great place to see all of Santa Clara County. Sadly, no Giant Banana Slugs or Salamanders were to be found on the trails of Villa Montalvo, but there were lots of annoying bugs.

Erin and Amanda are doing a Gal’s Night Out tonight with a bunch of Amanda’s friends. Should Erin bring home interesting and funny stories, I will ask her to post them here.

Cal: I’ll footrace you to Vegas… GO.


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  1. I like picture 428 in the Muir Field Hike. It looks like Cal is a child molester who doesn’t want you to know about the body twenty feet behind him.

  2. Sweet love–Cal has turned you into a bunch of nature lovers. The next thing you all will be posting about is a Vegan Whazzgiving.

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