1. Ehhhh…was ok. I mean, I laughed like 3 times, but sometimes I watch Brian play X-box on-line and something like that happens pretty much every time.

    Also, RAW was pretty good. LIVE! in Green Bay to boot. Lita made some good points for leaving Kane (kidnapping, forced marriage, repeated failure in attempts to capture the WWE title).

  2. Last nite I opened my copy of Dave Chappelle’s “new” DVD entitled Buddies. Best Buy had it on sale for $10, so I figured what the hell. After only watching the first episode, I have to say that this DVD is CORNY. After every lame joke Dave just smirks as if to say to himself, “Man these jokes suck, but they’re paying me.” Purchase at your own risk.

  3. on some special about dave’s past, he commented on his work on buddies.

    i’m pretty sure he said something like “it just wasn’t working… the writing was horrible… but at least they were paying me”

  4. On Ebaum’s World there is a video of a guy that beats Super Mario Bros. in like 8 minutes. Simply stunning.

  5. senior year of college me and my roomate played super mario bros once a day for $5 to see who could beat it the quickest. we were always right around 7 minutes if i remember right. it really isn’t that hard. on a related note i also practice tetris tirelessly in hopes of some day hustling someone into playing me for money.

    that one day happened a few weeks ago (for $1), and i only got like 20 lines.

    i average like 160, so it was pure shame. i didn’t screw up either, i just got like the worst possible pieces at the worst times every time.

  6. of course. 1-2 warp to 4. 4-2 warp to 8. beat the game in 1 guy and it’s pretty quick. you only play like 8 levels and there’s a lot of safe spots to sort of cheat the game. i’m serious, i think we did it in way under 8 minutes, but that was like 5 years ago and i haven’t played since.

    i’m still up on tetris though. bring your money.

  7. in poker news i lose like $100 in tourneys tonight. then won $125 in ring games and took a break.

    being up $25 is pointless, so i made a 1 liter captain and coke and jumped on the 4-8 stud games and won $300 more. i think stud may be an untapped gold mine. i just played super aggressive when i thought i may have the best hand or the other guy was on a weaker draw… basic poker. cleaned up.

    i am drunk and happy. HOLLA.

    i am watching ST-TNG and i’m totally confused. picard is laying down in the turbo lift screaming. why? i don’t know. if i was on the ship i would sit by the replicator all day making freezy pops. then i would go to the holodeck and have relations with multiple holowomen.

    life would be swell.

    then i would call rikers bluff and make mad skrill.


  8. i just searched for the video… i think stiffly was talking about the dude beating super mario *3* in 11 minutes… with is simply impossible. this dude edited video and programmed robots to play for him. simply unbelievable.

    here is a link

  9. Hi folks.
    1. I used to play tetris all the time. Then I started seeing those little squares whenever I closed my eyes. Then I stopped.
    2. I could never get past the very fisrt screen on Mario (the third pipe thingey). Never.
    3. We closed on our house on Friday.
    4. Every room in our house is now painted and I feel like I have arthritic 100 year old woman hands.
    5. That is all.

  10. ironcially i am jerking off at geekfantasies.com right now. i love the TI-80 video. so hot.

  11. wow. katie, i got the same way… i don’t think i’ve ever met anyone that actually could understand what was going on.

    i figured out my brain was just like CREATING the game… basically running simulations in my heads and sometimes letting my conscious brain play out the game… so the pieces would like move according to my thoughts, and my subconscious brain would just sit back, run the game, observe my play and implant suggestions for play changes in the tetris area of my brain.

    i want to play you for money… when can this happen?

    start training again and don’t stop until you see the squares again.

    PPV should pick this shit up. i am going to bury you.


  12. Madd, YES that is exactly what happened, it was like you could play the game in your brain!!! And didn’t it seem strange b/c you didn’t pick the square-shapes that would come down?? I don’t even know where to find tetris anymore!! Hey, you should check out collapse on yahoo games because it is a lot like tetris…

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