Krazy Komments

I haven’t posted in a while due to the quality of the comment threads in the last entry. I wanted to see where Scientist was taking us with that Physics Lecture, but inactivity and Albert Einstein conspired to kidnap me, tie me up, and threaten to start removing digits unless I overcame my creative inertia and wrote any-goddamn-thing. So here we are.

I need to send out a Hearty Congratulations and Thanks to Cal for finding that website with pictures and descriptions of all the Star Wars toys. Identfying all the toys I did and did not have ate up an hour of my time at work on Thursday. Thanks a lot, Cal.

It was also interesting to hear other peoples’ reactions to the Star Wars movie. I saw it last Sunday but didn’t really post anything because I figured no one would want to talk about it. You’re all bigger nerds than I gave you credit for. Congratulations.

Best Buy lured me in the door yesterday with visions of Chappelle’s Show Season Two DVDs dancing in my head. The sugarplum fairy came up empty-handed though, as all that was left was a gigantic empty rack. I looked left: plenty of copies of the aforementioned “Buddies” DVD. I looked right: plenty of Chappelle’s Show Season One DVDs. I was confused. Then an asshole Best Buy employee came up and informed me that they had just sold the last one. He suggested that I could drive across town in rush hour traffic to another Best Buy that might have one. I wanted to suggest that he lick my balls, but I had briefs on and it would take a undue amount of time to free them so I walked out of the store. On the way out however (and this is how all money-wasting actions begin) some of the PC software caught my eye. I had heard some good things about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. I was a fan of Neverwinter Nights, by Bioware, and Star Wars KOTOR was by the same people, using the same gameplay engine. It was also on sale for $19.99. I guess KOTOR 2 came out recently and so they were firesaling the first one. I brought it home and started playing last night and its pretty great. Haven’t gotten any lightsabers yet, but I have a wookie, and I blew up a rancor monster with a thermal detonator. Good enough for me.


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  1. ***UPDATE***
    My last posting (about “Buddies”) was preemptive. After watching the remaining episodes I have to take back my last statements. I would recommend that anyone who has the same level of interest in Dave Chappelle that I do at least pick it up for comedic value. I should have waited to get a couple episodes in instead of judging based on the pilot. Imagine ABC letting the episodes be as racial as ABC can legally let them and there you have the remaining episodes. Happy viewing.

  2. 1. I spent time both today and yesterday at Madison’s Brat Fest. It was not fun: there is no beer tent. I was already buzzed from my weekend breakfast beer, however, and wandered to the sheriff’s department’s demo. There were squad cars, motorcycles, K-9 units, etc. I was poking around the equipment they had set out of the bullet proof vests, door rammer-inners, and the shield they use to enforce irrational drug laws (having a joint in your possession is equal to a jackpot sentence of 6 mos. jail and/or $1,000). The sheriff’s deputy was like, we’re from the Town of Madison, so we police a lot of the high crime areas. I was like, high crime or high prosecution? I don’t think he thought I was very funny.

  3. Well, offhand I’d have to say its either the toddler-targeted Story of Creation DVD, or the WCW-wrestler Sting movie and book.

  4. I guess Sting is a pretty big Christer. I read about how he had problems with some of the WWE storylines and that’s one of the main reasons he didn’t wrestle under WWE after it bought out WCW.

  5. i played the storewars thing and halfway through k-card got up, said ‘this is the dumbest thing i’ve seen in my whole life’ and walked out of the room. i tried to call him back to see chew-broccoli, but he wasn’t having any of it.

  6. Ok, pshaw on Wonderbars. I told Shirley that I thought she was holding out on me (she’s from Vancouver) after I tried that Wonderbar at Casperson’s place, and she brought me two fabulous Canadian candy bars: Coffee Crunch and Caramilk. Caramilk: Imagine cadbury creme egg in a candy bar. Unbelievably good. Wonderbars never stood a chance. Mmmmmm… caramilk.

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