Tryin To See Another Day

The Isley Brothers had it right.

The pending comments section of the site was clogged to all shit with spam for poker sites. I wish I could choke the shit out of all the fuckers that decide it will be their life’s work to put “Come see this Rape Site!” links all over other peoples’ web sites. Their Shit = Choked The Shit Out Of if I ever meet them. So I’m trying yet a third tool for MovableType to try and get rid of them. Basically, the ability to comment on a post will automatically close after 14 days. We’ll see if that lessens the spam hordes, but they’ll probably just figure out a new way to fuck up.

In other news, I finally figured out what tag was fucking up the layout when comments actually closed. It was resulting in an extra “bottom” of a layout box being displayed where the comment form usually was. I also removed the display of the first 100 characters of the Recent Comments. As Scientist pointed out, they were fucking up the layout. You can still fuck it up by posting with a ginormous name, but most people are considerate enough not to do that. If it becomes enough of a problem I’ll probably find a plug-in to deal with it.

Next up, standardizing the Previous/Next links on all the archive pages. I like the way the Individual Entries prev/next at the top in the header (next to the “about me”, etc. links). The Date-Based prev/next is pretty horrible in comparison, and I’d like to fix it soon. The Category Archives will probably remain in the table style, however.


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