On Coarse Language

I only today realized how much I dropped the F-bomb on that last post. I guess I must have been quite jazzed about the whole Spam thing. Also, thanks a lot to whoever took me up on my offer about posting with a gigantic name. I hope your wang-dang-doodle falls off, be you man or woman.


7 thoughts on “On Coarse Language

  1. Well we give the first video 2 thumbs down for them sucking at life. We mean we could go out there and film ourselves bouncing around and call it “breakdancing.” And the second video’s description is deceptive. We were both expecting a little kid who was in a bodybuilding competition. Bow staff work and bodybuilding are nothing alike so lil herc still remains untouched, but this kid has real talent. We give him 2 thumbs up for being scary as hell with that bow staff at his early age.

  2. i agree at first the participants of video 1 we sketchy…. i wanted to hate them. but then their mom came out while they were dancing and took the trash out or something… they were not phased. and they said like vi3t4lf instead of vietnam.

    for video 2 i simple thought that a karate boy with a staff was fair competition for someone as ripped as lil’ herc.


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