Brewers 1, Yankees Nothin. Your move, George.

A great catch by Jenkins last night capped off the Yankees first stroll into Milwaukee since 1997. Boo-yah. Now all they gotta do is win 1 of 2 remaining games to make me very happy. The last road trip was a disaster, and for me to consider this season an improvement at all I’m gonna have to see one of two things:

  1. The Brewers shake ass at home for the rest of the season. They may finish 4th or 5th, but if they could at least establish themselves within the confines of their taxpayer-built castle I would be happy.
  2. They start to do better overall (road and home) such that they finish 3rd or 4th overall in the division. An improvement like that would give me a little bit of happiness.

To think the Crew was within striking distance of the Cardinals not too long ago. Now: 10 games back.


20 thoughts on “Brewers 1, Yankees Nothin. Your move, George.

  1. I’m making a cameo appearance to congratulate the brewers, who are leading the yankees yet again. Good job guys, take down the empire.

  2. Booyahh!!! Fuck the Yankees. Turnbow could be my favorite player if he got a haircut.

  3. did anyone else watch “breaking vegas: poker prince”? it was about the writer that got 5th that wrote that book. pretty much every 4 seconds when they showed actual poker they were flat out wrong. it was ridiculous.

    in their mind TJ Cloutier is the greatest player ever, if you have less chips than someone and win when you go all in, you win ALL of their chips, if you are down to 100,000 and bet 50,000 and someone raises to 150,000 then you miraculously have another 200,000 in front of you and you decide to call with AK and that is somehow wrong.

    i was actually laughing at it because it got so bizerrrrrrrre.

  4. Sounds pretty gay, though the book was pretty good. More good story than good poker though. Yesterday I finished Telling Lies and Getting Paid which is Michael Konic doing the same thing (journalist enters 2000 WSOP). Also a good story, but the focus is more on the poker. Konic understands the game better than Mcmanus but finishes in like 200th instead of 5th. Oh well. Either way, both are good books though a strong poker mind might become enraged watching Mcmanus Mr. Magoo his way to the final table.

  5. Well this brewer game is not going well. 11-3. Eeeek, but at the same time who cares. 4nyaya is a skirt.

  6. konic enrages me on tv even. i don’t care enough about stories to even use his book to balance my table.




    WPT tonight i jumped in the air when they showed the final 6… one of the players was a degenerate gambler dealer from garden city… when i was basically working there for a few months, almost every night he would finish his shift, sit at 6-12 with all the money in his pockets (likely all his tips) usually around $130, and proceed to raise every hand and lose it all in like 30 minutes.


    anyways, he played exactly the same… play every hand, all in as a huge dog no less than 3 times and sucking out each time. get this: he goes all in with A7. AK calls. K55 flop. good ol dealer danny sucks out with running 7s. jesus christ. where did this guy get $10,000?!

  7. this dude has 1.5 million now. my guess: he is broke in 2 months. i’m serious. he has absolutely no concept of the value of a dollar. he worked 10 hours a day at like $4 an hour + tips, and at the end of his shift gave all the money away. he was dirty, smelly, and dumb. it just doesn’t make sense. i am so enraged. the only thing that makes me happy is that i’m sure i have at least $500 of danny’s money in my pocket.

  8. 1. Homicide trials and prison cells have kept me busy lately. Not to mention I have a weekend job waiting on rich white folks who don’t wink an eye at dropping $60 on a bottle of wine. It’s been somewhat lucrative so far.
    2. I love Chappelle’s Charlie Murphy skits, especially the one about Prince and the basketball game. A+

  9. J, law and order gave me an idea today, i need you to tell me why i’m wrong.

    ok, so i kill someone… there is no physical evidence because i’m smart, but there is a ton of circumstancial evidence and i have no aliby (sp?)…


    i get on the stand and implicate a friend with more circumstancial evidence… no perjury, but we really push the line. now i get acquited and he gets charged and we run the same game again saying that i did it, but now i can’t be convicted because of double jeopardy.


    does that happen ever? why not?

  10. I saw an episode similar to that one time on “The Practice”. The DA gave a guy immunity so he would testify in a murder they thought he was involved in. The DA wanted the guy who actually pulled the trigger more than they wanted him. The guy gets on the stand and says he was the murderer and even explains where they can find the gun with his fingerprints all over it. Now there’s more than reasonable doubt to get the guy off on trial and the prosecutor can’t do anything to the other guy because they already gave him immunity to testify. Diabolical shit.

  11. I’m pretty sure they’d put a clause in the immunity stuff that says, “If it turns out you really did it, you’re fucked.” Also, we’re in Two Harbors, Minnesota, which is why posting has been light.

  12. Did anybody see the ECW ppv last night? I didn’t want to shell out 34.95 to watch it by myself.

  13. I was thinking about getting it, but I had forgot that we were going to Minnesota for Beth’s wedding. Plus, while it originally sounded cool, it got stupider and stupider once they started the WCW v. ECW crap on RAW. Vince and Stephanie: Dumb and Dumber.

  14. The pay per view was AWESOME. Well worth the $35. In fact I will be buying the DVD as soon as it comes out. The whole “invasion” angle was done way better than I anticipated and did not take away from the PPV at all. A lot of highlights from the matches themselves, but Paul Heyman came out and shot on JBL and Edge. This was by far the funniest shit I have ever heard Paul Heyman utter from his double chinned mouth. I would suggest getting the replay or buying the DVD….IT WAS THAT GOOD.

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