2 thoughts on “Loverboy, You Asshole

  1. 1. I would do anything for a cigarette, but I’ve been clean for about a week now. Not smoking will probably kill me faster than smoking.
    2. I’m moving deeper into the ghetto. At the end of the summer I am going to have a cocktail party at my house themed to the ‘hood. For drinks: Steel Reserve Malt Liquor and Gin ‘n’ Juice (or probably Crystal LIght to please the gay community in attendance). For food: Popeye’s Chicken and BBQ Hoops by Frito-Lay. Welcome to Milwaukee where the playas play.

  2. out of sheer curiousity i would drive the 5.5 hours to milwaukee in order to attend this party. at any cost. without a second electric pulse through the jello stash in my cranium.

    please please please. can i come?

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