Wisconsin: The Killing Fields

Today the Journal-Sentinel notes that the State Assembly passed a law banning local smoking bans statewide. Way to go, assholes.

I’m wishy-washy on a lot of subjects. I have strong opinions, but in general (due to many disapproving glares from the wife) I keep them to myself or I discuss them as, “Well, I think this, but you’re right too!” Fuck that in this case. Who the fuck do those people think they are? A city can no longer say, “No smoking in restaurants because it’s fucking disgusting! (Racine Cty Code 145.65)” A city can’t pass a law that says, “Um, hey you smoking fuckers, you can’t do it in bars anymore because IT KILLS PEOPLE AND MAKES YOU SMELL LIKE SHIT. (Madison City Ordinance 25b)”

You don’t like it? You smoke? Your feelings hurt? Don’t care. I don’t go into restaurants to have my meal shit on by some fucker smoking next to me. Smoking sections? Yeah right. Guess what, asshole, smoke is a fluid gas that can *gasp* move from room to room. Go out back with the rest of the garbage. Start a club back by teh dumpster; I don’t give a fuck. I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck.

Thanks a lot, asshole legislators in Wisconsin, for assuring me that every time I leave the house in your state I’ll enjoy an increased risk of lung cancer. Kiss my ass.


ps– I could care less if people smoke in general, just don’t do it around me. Go fucking kill yourself out in a corn field, Hillbilly Jim, not at the lane next to me at Paradise West. Fucker.

7 thoughts on “Wisconsin: The Killing Fields

  1. Wow, a Justin Gummow reference. What ever happened to that guy? He hit on my sister once… long, long ago before she got married. What’s the bowling alley that’s got a dance club in it now?

  2. Paradise Wizzest had Club Fusion in it. Never been there, though. Maybe its a cool place to hang out… or maybe a good place to get your Starter jacket stolen.

  3. Or maybe it’s a good place to have a cigarette? Sorry, don’t mean to instigate. It was just out there, waiting for me to take advantage of it.

  4. Go ahead, apparently every place in Wisconsin is a good place to have a cigarette. How about taking a big ol’ puff and blowing the smoke over by that guy at the next table wearing an oxygen mask; I’m sure he’d love to relive the days when he used to smoke… that is before his lungs collapsed. Sorry, don’t mean to instigate.

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