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Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle quite possibly expended the entire world’s resources of slow motion in a mere two hours. Now there’s none left for Quentin Tarantino’s next movie.

rAJ *slow motion* oUT

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  1. ok ok ok, now i remembered why i went on whazzmaster in the first place… to point out something about will farell. he is a genius.

    so going through the tivo the other day i noticed an SNL hosted by him was running… not sure if it was a re-run or not, but so far: it’s good. for the monolouge, blah, he pulled the pee my pants gag. he did it very good though, hitting the last note perfect, (and thus completeing the performance that as an actor he must finish without breaking character), and then immediately in his casual real life voice stated simply, “i peed my pants”. touche will.

    ORACLE sketch… wow. he is playing to my demographic now… great acting, and i noticed something: every time will changes emotion, he states exactly why in the simplest of terms… aka “I AM ANGRY NOW BECAUSE I AM IN PAIN!” this allows my brain to relax and not have to make that 1 step connection by myself… most of us don’t even realize we have this step… but every time someone is angry we wonder… hmm… why is he angry? oh, probably because that blunt object that just hit him is sending pain signals to his brain which is making him angry… control of brain returned to you input sensory receptors.



    by will stating this information, the performance is much more enjoyable. good show.



    jeopardy dedeux… good choice. reminds us about his old work and features their #1 male and #1 female as well as gives the bottom of the cast list guy a place to shine amoung the greats. a proving ground if i ever saw one. very good sketch. kenan (bottom boy), did his cosby impression which was pretty horrible, but EXACTLY like my cosby impression which i of course think is hilarious. this of course is to talk like you’re barking with a slur, and then mention pudding or JELLO pudding, OR pudding POPS in 1 out of 3.5 sentances rounding down over paragraphs. i saw myself in the old friend of kal. i wonder if finesse is worried about kenan bringing kal in. i wonder if finesse is worried about kenan bringing CAL in. finesse obviously understands that SNL is not ready for more than 2 coloreds. these are not my thoughts of course, but the show makes this perfectly clear in their sketches. such as the opening scene were will completely seperated himself from the black males actors by humorously confusing the 2 of them, but admitting that he knew that there were 2 of them, and actually memorized the 2 names because he knew they would confuse them. oh SNL. racism IS funny!!!!@#%LOL

    anyway. then it happened. i believe zach just defined the 5th and holy grail of awesomeness. ironically i experienced this holy of holys a mear 15 seconds before reading about it’s existance.

    will calls out queens of the stone age. he’s wearing a track jump suit… it seemed odd that he would be so insistent that i noticed what he was wearing such that i wouldn’t even think about what he was doing while the band was playing. i would soon find out. anyways, QotSA start up. ok, cool. i don’t hate them, and yet i know a few of their songs. this should be not worse than sitting through commercials. good enough to me as a break between this pure comedy, i anticipate the next sketch. the song is catchy. for some reason i am holding a flip top lighter. why am i holding a lighter, i’m clueless. why do people hold lighters. i was just sitting around watching SNL holding a lighter. for no reason other than to hold it. i starting clicking the lighter on beat. i sounded really good with the song… i let my creative juices flow and it was a blast playing my lighter with the band. i felt i was really contributing something and this song could really benefit from the addition of my click. i thought, “man, it would be so cool to be in this band and just play my lighter into a mic in the back, because i seriously think this click sounds awesome in this song… oh wow, thats just like that skit where will was playing a cowbell in that band… nevermind… being a 1 percussion guy is obviously out of the question… i mean, if it really sounded so good, i bet the drummer would just have an extra foot pedal or something and he would take care of it… well, whatever, i’m going to keep playing”… seriously. i thought that. i’m odd. and then that fucker will re-raised me 3 testicles and just ripped mine off with that look of “YOU STILL OWE ME A TESTICLE”, and busted out on stage in full “cow bell player” get up (completely unexpected as i naively put will still in his track suit), from the old cowbell sketch and played the cow bell along with the band on live tv. he was playing my click. and it sounded awesome. wow. you knew exactly how i was watching this show, exactly what i was thinking, and the perfect way to shock and entertain me. very good show indeed. i then put down my lighter and ran her to recommend it only then to see zach recommending something that sounds equally entertaining.

    i now have to finish SNL and check batman showtimes for tomorrow

  2. that SNL stayed at the same quality throughout. then i caught this week’s robot chicken and was again fully entertained. tv, i haven’t seen you in 3 days, have you fixed yourself?

  3. That may be the most Scientist has ever talked in one comment. Also, congrats to the Oakland A’s for the motherfucking shellacking they took to the Giants. Those bastards deserve it.

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