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We made a great effort of it and the result was a thread with 41 comments. Good job, whazzers; I commend you. We saw a resurgence in people actually posting, and for that I’m grateful. I won’t lie or sugarcoat it for you: I’ve thought lately of shutting down whazzmaster. I never really wanted to become one of those bloggers who babbles on and on with no one reading. The only thing that can keep me logging in to write my opinions about dumb shit is the knowledge that someone likes reading opinions about dumb shit. I know I do.

Sandra Day O’Connor resigned today. Look for Chimpy to nominate the most odious lawyer he can find in order to prove that his codpiece is so big he can trod on all level of prior consensus when choosing a SCOTUS nominee. Clarence Thomas Part Deux is my guess. I’m generally a pessimist and a cynic when it comes to government, (what liberal isn’t these days?) but I have to say that in all likelihood Roe v. Wade is going down before 2008, and then it will be up to the states and we can look forward to the next 50 elections at all levels of government being fought over the abortion issue. Fuck the schools, the roads, and all other issues: we must have a STATE SENATOR who supports/opposes a woman’s right to choose. It’s going to an epic disaster if it shakes out like that; I just hope I’m wrong.

Just got an action alert forwarded by Alandovos about a campaign the ACLU is running to spread information about the Patriot Act. Go to to vote on which ad they should start running. If you haven’t read the specifics, the PATRIOT Act has some insidious things related to personal privacy. I’m not talking about some tinfoil hat theory about people monitoring you brain waves; I’m talking about the government having the power to search your home, financial information, and medical records without even having to disclose the reason you are under suspicion. That wasn’t the America I was taught about in high school civics class. That isn’t what I consider freedom. Go and choose an ad.

It’s Erin’s birthday on Monday and she’s looking forward to fondue and fireworks. We’ve been invited to Pacifica for a fireworks show given by The Masters of Disaster: GMX and Blaine “Crocodile” Dunday. They said they bought $100 of roman candles and other assorted fireworks from the 7-11 parking lot near their house. It was a school fundraiser, apparently for the awesomenest school in California. When I was in elementary school, our fundraisers were tins full of carmel corn and other assorted bullshit. This place uses righteous fire in the sky to gather money for boxes of tissue and new crayons. Rock on.


5 thoughts on “News Round-Up

  1. This is Uncle Big Show [temporarily] signing off…I am quitting my job (right now) and moving to Milwaukee (soon) to start a new position (Tuesday). Don’t know when my next post will be, but I will whazz again soon.

  2. Casperson, do you have roman candles? I hope so. Then I can do the Xpac show. Good luck Big Show! Have fun moving!

  3. “$100 of roman candles and other assorted fireworks from the 7-11 parking lot near their house.”

    A fine, fine, fine, fine fine ass start to things.

    I work 7-3 both Sunday and Monday. It’s Summerfest, so I’m working like a dog. But it looks like a record time for tips. I crushed my single day record and made 320 last night and that was the first day. Tonight I work 5pm-1am. It should be crazy.

    My 4th should still be ok. Oneil and his ole lady are sleeping over on Sunday. Not sure what were gonna do.

    Poo, poo cachew.

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