Forf of July!

Erin’s birthday today. To celebrate we ate luncho at Chili’s. Later on we went over and hit some balls at the driving range, and now, one stop at Blockbuster later, we’re watching The Way We Were starring Babs Streisand and Roberto Redford. I’m so happy I could crap myself. Trivia: The Way We Were was James Woods’ first movie. Babs slings the “Fascist” label a little too freely, but she seems to have a good liberal heart. It’s gonna be a Notebook-esque massacre. Good night folks; I’ll seeya on the other side.


5 thoughts on “Forf of July!

  1. 1. All right, Happy Birthday, RC.
    2. Here’s my list:

    1. What did you do over the weekend: WORKED. I don’t do nothing else.
    2. On a scale of 1-10 rate your job. One being crap-ola, 10 being orgasmically great: Vivo – 4 (I make money); Public Defender – 6 (the criminals can be funny sometimes)
    3. Did you have braces on your teeth when you were a kid. Yes.
    4. What is your favorite animal: A dead one.
    5. What is your middle name: Lynn
    6. What whazzer did you meet first, and how: Zach, I think; no one else would talk to me in middle school.
    7. What is your favorite wine? A Red Rhone, as if I could afford it.
    8. Seen any movies lately? Yes. Why? Just kidding. See “Capturing the Friedmans”; it’s about child molesters.
    9. What is your stance on piercings and tattoos?? Love ’em or hate ’em. Whatev.
    10. I heard some song by that band that sings if I had a million dollars and it was the song where they say “in the living room” which always made me thing about the bar in Madison which was probably one of my favorites to go to: what is your favorite Madison bar? The Plaza or The Casbah.
    11. College: Good investment, or how the fuck did I end up here? How in the fuck did I end up here?
    12. Best food court restaurant. A greasy chinese place. Or Taco Bell.
    13. What is your sign? Scorpio is my sign and damn I’m so fine.

  2. saw war of the worlds with rachel today… it kicked my ass for 2 hours straight. total propeganda movie, but they did it very well. so well, in fact, i’m not sure if it’s a good movie… i mean, who really wants to watch the end of the world? i did make an interesting statistical discovery though: this movie is made up of 1 in a million moments. wirksu or zach used to always explain the 1 in a million storyline as “hey, thats why the movie is about them…”. if an event is 1 in a million and will happen easily over 1 million times, then you have to assume it WILL happen. but this movie has one of those moments, all involving tom cruise, every 5 minutes. by the end of the movie, it’s just a joke… the odds are like 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000… dude is millimeters from death a good 20 times.

    even if you made that point that if 1 person survived, it could be their story… well, there are only like 6,000,000,000 people. it doesn’t add up. i truly found the entire movie plausible (except a few things with the EMP)… frightening. damn aliens.

  3. the andy milawhatever show on mtv is one to watch. he seriously has mental problems. but mental problems of someone much older than him… very entertaining.

  4. A pretty good show: Penn and Teller’s No Bullshit. Zach, I think you’d really like it. Anyway, the show on Nostradomus talks about end of the world type situations and how everyone wonders how they will survive despite the fact that if even 1 in 10 live you have very slim chances of surviving. The theme: might as well spend your cash on a good bottle of wine and some steaks instead of a giegercounter.

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