Busy, Busy, Busy

If possible, I did less around the house this weekend than last weekend, but I’m making up for it on July 6th. I scheduled Junk Removal with 1-800 Got Junk? to get rid of the gigantor wood pieces of our old bed, a broken ironing board, a busted stand fan, and a shitload of enormous cardboard boxes that I’ve been too lazy to break down. I then scheduled a Repair Ticket with Ess Bee Fucking See to come out and see why our phone don’t work no more. So I’ll be working at home on Wednesday while junk is removed from my home and the phone is fixed. After that, I’ll be on to my next big project: trying to find a way to get rid of my truck. If Erin and I could somehow get to a place where we only use 1 car, we could save at least $1000/mo in expenses (gas, car payment, car insurance, etc.) It would be tough, but I think once gas gets to $5/gal it’s going to be a tad bit rougher if I’m still driving Monstroso the gas-eating machine. There’s no way I’ll get what I owe on the loan (we’ll call it Y), so I may have to sell it for value X, get a bank loan for Y-X and then just pay that off. It’s shitty, but I think the long run benefits outweigh the short run costs. Remember, gas will not always be free. If there’s only one thing you ever learn from this website it’s this: think long and hard about what you would do if gas were to go to $10/gal. Think seriously about it; the time may not be in the far future. Now think of the repercussions, economy-wise and society-wise.


17 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. 1. We’ll probably end up like the Maya. Check it out: http://www.energybulletin.net/4624.html (I forgot how to make links with the //href/bloodieblah/rsmile!! code).
    2. I am planning on a Cali trip mid-August. How about arrive Thursday/leave Monday morning? August 11-15. I’m going to eat pb&j sandwiches all summer to afford to whazz out to Cali. Finally something to live for.

  2. I ride my bike to work, sucka. I even wear a special kid helmet to protect my noodle. Money saved (lets call it X) – little black children laughing at you for wearing a helmet(Y) equals saved money, I guess.

  3. The first month I didn’t have to make a $650 car payment I could buy myself a bike + retard helmet. I’d be fantastico.

  4. Yikes. Tell me your payment isn’t 650. What the hell did you buy? A solid gold car???????

  5. Even worse: a gas-guzzling SUV. I’m tryin real hard to get rid of it though. Viva la environmente!

  6. i think i might sell my car too… but only because i dont leave the house. ever. i pee in a bucket next to pokerroom.

  7. Oh WWF how will you ever continue making money if you release everyone who works for you? You only have about 3 active wrestlers left in your roster.

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