14 thoughts on “Maddox Hates Blogs

  1. yeah he can sometimes come off like that but so can you “madd scientist”. I thought he had some interesting points…

  2. ok, i just read dudes website, and now more than ever i am convinced he is extremely prickish.

  3. From my limited knowledge of medicine, I understand that people often experience a sort of post-traumatic shock which desensitises them to terrible events in their lives, but, limited though my medical comprehension may be, I cannot honestly give myself such a self-diagnosis.

  4. i know… whatever. I thought it was a thoughtful little essay… scientist whateve… jfdkaljfdlajfdalkjfdla talk more about those oranges you were going to buy. or plymouth – talk about that… why do you live in plymouth and not minneapolis? am i spelling it wrong?

  5. we live close to rachel’s work. i am not liberally inclined to live within a fixed distance to work, and measuring anything of any kind has never been my forte’, but i can honestly say that the space betweens rachels work and where we live is less than that if reality would heretofore acknowledge that with which we would live in minneapolis self-diagnosis. prick.

  6. Cal: gotta say that while I do admire eloquent writers and speakers, that dude crossed the line into bizarro world. I had this feeling that he re-read that post about 20 times looking for ways he could extend sentences with a turn-of-phrase or two. Jesus, do I sound like that when I write? If so, kick my ass.

  7. yeah you’re right, it was a bit much… do you remember that guy moneypenny? wirksu and the O’neil the Law Man do no doubt. Zeitgeist-Schandenfreude is lame though, it’s true. madd, how are you spending your day today? I am facinated by this no work/no school take on life you have…

  8. I would say it’s more of a no work/no school/eat lots of KFC/watch Stella at night/look at porn/masturbate to Annie Duke take on life…

  9. Hello fellow blogospherians,

    I must admit that I am muchwise incensed at your multifarious and terribly unhelpful and niggling cavils on the nature of my Weblog, and as such, have come here to address some of the concerns that you, the Whazzmaster audience, have raised regarding the overblown, long-winded, broom-up-the-ass, pedantic, teutonic-word referencing, self-important self-reverential, self-conscious posturing that occurs when I set pen to paper (or more accurately, set fingers to keyboard.) Ahem.

    It may be of interest to you that he whole tone of my blog, INCLUDING the title, is supposed to be a reference to the self-important bloggers who think that people actually give a shit about what they are saying. Most of the time I talk about shit like racial discrimination on the real ghostbusters or if vegans, and my hits are limited to about three friends of mine who think it is hillarious when I write this way…hence Murdoch’s malicious media mouthpiece, etc. It’s more an exercise to keep me writing than anything else. I’m not particularly content to take the title of a prick, especially from someone who deflects all criticism by calling himself an asshole, but if in the end that is your opinion then I guess I have no choice but to not give a shit. Zack, who the hell are these monkeys? they all soound like pricks.

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