I Gotta Say

Yesterday’s Enterprise is one of the greatest Star Trek: TNG episodes EVER. Am I a nerd? If you’re not down with Star Trek, fuck you too. Haters.


4 thoughts on “I Gotta Say

  1. fuck you indeed TNG haters.

    moron of the day award: the news is reporting that parents are pissed because GTA:SA has a built in XXX sex game unlockable by secret code. this of course should have gotten the game a higher than “M” rating they assumed i guess. anyways the news station is spinning the story that the problem is that the kids are seeing the porn after getting the code on the internet, rather than the ratings board completely fucking up, or rather the ratings process having HUGE flaws. IF THE KIDS CAN GET ON THE INTERNET THEN THEY CAN SEE *THIS* WEBPAGE AND IF THEY CAN SEE *THIS* WEBPAGE, THEN THEY CAN CLICK THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE LINK. so the problem is that kid’s can see porn… yet to get to that problem you must already assume the child has unsupervised access to the internet… THUS THE PROBLEM IS ACTUALLY THE UNSUPERVISED ACCESS TO THE INTERNET, NOT THE GAME PROGRAMMER MAKING EROTIC SOFTWARE. and not one mention of, “the ratings board should require that ALL content held in the code is shown to the board”… i mean that is obvious, but that argument would only work against people that assume that if the ratings worked correctly that children wouldn’t still play the games… THUS AGAIN THE PROBLEM IS THE CHILD HAVING UNSUPERVISED ACCESS TO PLAYING VIDEOGAMES. PARENTS FAULT AGAIN, IMAGINE THAT… LETS BLAME IT ON SOMEONE ELSE. (haha, while i was writing this i just won a $145 pot… have fun at work monday, chumps!)… SO, i mean, are the parents just lazy? NO. they choose to allow unsupervised time because no one can watch a kid 24/7 as well as lead their own life. so again world: face it. you’re fucked. just have a good time.

  2. Cal is an owl eating motherfucker. Eat the owl, motherfuck. Sick. Sick. You don’t eat them.

  3. And Madd, it’s all the same. Oil or crabs, you pick. More crabboat fisherman come, more crabs get used.

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