Millionaire Idea

Just thought of something while I was sitting here doing some work. It had to do with me winning the lottery. It also had to do with me watching TV from 10pm to 6am and ordering every single item advertised through mail-order junk businesses. I wouldn’t seek out the ads, I would just watch television shows that I found interesting, ordering everything I could along the way.

Several weeks later I would get box after box after box of Q-Ray bracelets, Ab-Loungers, Girls Gone Wild DVDs, subscriptions to virus detector, eRXs (say it out loud!) male enhancement pills, and more. Much more. I’d be pounding my enhanced meat to Girls Gone Wild DVDs while totally shredding my abs. Would I get carpal tunnel from all that pounding? Nope: because of my Q-Ray bracelet.

All I need is the money. The dream can be realized; I just need the cash, the dough, the billz, the G’s. Here’s to California Dreamin’.


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