A&E Biography: Lady Woodrunners

I’d like to see some background info on the women who run on logs in the Great Outdoor Games against other women. They’re pretty good-looking (at least the ones in the commercials) and I wonder how they got into running backwards on a spinning, waterborn log against other comely lasses. Is it something their fathers taught them from an early age? Were their mothers logrunners? Are they 3rd or 4th generation? What do they do when it’s not “Great Outdoor Games” season?


7 thoughts on “A&E Biography: Lady Woodrunners

  1. the world champion lady wood runner went to college in la crosse the same time i did, and was a friend of friend of my then girlfriend. behold my ability to chime in on any topic anyone could think of. ever. with my second breath, woodrunning is dumber than satan.

  2. madd if you could please input on the new generation of processed meat in the school districts, I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. one of my best friends from college, jay, and his friend cody used to live in sauk and work at the kraft factory. they explained the food chain to me about where all the good meat goes, and how the water used to cook the actual meat products was used to make up about 90% of the final product of the “cooked ham” and like products. since that day processed meat of any kind really turns me off. i still eat processed foods from time to time. i am a fan of the “Jumbo Jumbo” hot dog pack… costs the same as 8 “beef franks” but you get 20, and they are 3 times bigger, netting like a 750% value. i never ever want to find out what they are made out of… it is too good of a deal. anyways, there are good sides to process foods and bad sides. but for some people, they are willing to put the bad aside if it results in nourishment. so i say, if we are going to have processed food around, lets make it as good as possible. let’s learn from this latest generation of processed meat, so that MEAT:TNG will be the best procuct that dirty meat water could ever become.

  4. I’m sure Judd would love to tell you about the Discovery channel show he saw about deli meat. He loves to tell me over and over how deli meat is just as gross as pre-packaged Oscar Meyer meat. Secondarily, Judd is trying to get “gross” over as a good word (as in, “that shit is Gross!” similar to “that shit is Sick!” already similar to “that shit is awesome”). If you choose to indulge him, I suggest saying it like Dave Chappelle in Black Bush.

  5. don’t criminalize ALL deli meat. there is a reason some turkey is 2.99/lb, and some turkey is 7.99/lb. look for stuff like “no water added”. also, the term “sick” caught on because it’s usage on a non-living object could be compartmentalized from it’s usage on a living being. “timmy is sick”, “that snowboard jump twirl thing you just did is sick”… both have a powerful, direct, obvious meaning and the word “sick” doesn’t lose any power. everyone once in a while i will see something truly disturbing… i will say “that shit is gross”… i don’t want this knew usage to phase out the power of my level of disgustedness. people may argue that they might say “that shit is sick” in the same spot, but linguistically, that doesn’t make sense and is slang in it’s own right, incorrect slang that was phased out by the usage of “sick” as a positive, non-living adjective. gross however doesn’t meet the same critera, and is thus retarded. no wait, actually, it’s gross. MADD GROSS. HOLLA

  6. the website says there are 6 posts, but there are really 5… sometimes if you post and then hit refresh it shows the missing one. grrrrrr.

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