For A Good Time, Call PopCap

For an extremely addicting game, I point you to Chuzzle, from the makers of Zuma. After I play long enough the little white guys start to look like skulls, and anytime a game starts to resemble death incarnate I need to quit for awhile and give me vision time to restore. So anyways, yeah, it was fun enough for me to buy the Deluxe version. I like it better than Zuma.


7 thoughts on “For A Good Time, Call PopCap

  1. ok… did anyone buy the mach 3 turbo power or whever it’s called? the one with the battery? well, gilette pulled their marketing genius and made the normal mach 3 like $8 and the power one with refills $9. ok, i’ll try it. it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, but i’ll try it. i pop in the battery to figure out what this thing could possible do, and it just vibrates! it has a cell phone vibrator thing in it. IT JUST VIBRATES! isn’t that dangerous? whatever: product review: dumb.

  2. ok… i downloaded the game and played it in full screen for like 20 minutes. i am convinced i am getting brainwashed… the whole game is eye candy to completely consume you. AND THE SINGING GUY IN THE BACKGROUND WONT STOP SAYING “ACE-EIGHT…. I PLAY ACE-EIGHT… FERARRI… ACE-EIGHT… I PLAY ACE-EIGHT… FERARRI”


  3. zach, this site is screwed. internal server error on post. i think i better roll out schmazzmaster.

  4. 1. If you were to plan a vacation, why in the world would you plan to visit the Ozarks? Discuss.
    2. Hung out with the Kid and took him swimming. Although you would imagine that I would fit perfectly into the Evil Stepmother role someday, this damn kid loves me. I can’t believe it either. All he wanted to do was sit on my lap and stuff; he says he likes pretty girls with long hair.
    3. What’s with Jason in London? I can’t stand study abroad kids, esp. having been one myself.
    4. So GWB is lying again, this time to protect Rove. I can’t wait to see the Kid again. I’m going to tell him fairy tales a la Jen where the Evil Stepmothers are misunderstood and the villians all vote Republican because they are heartless and never learned to share.

  5. 1: i recall visiting the ozarks as a child, thus it must have had some impact on my life. i believe we went spelunk… spl… s…. walking around in caves after we took an elevator down like 300 feet or something.

    2: just wait until you tell the kid he can’t sit on your lap and stuff anymore. then he will hate you. 3: indeed. prick. 4: politics is for fags and hippies. (modern era US politics that is… it has become a joke)

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