It Bears Repeating

It bears repeating that the first person to successfully develop technology that uses the internet to punch someone is going to be rich. Filthy, stinky, awe-inspiringly rich. The first group of people that would bear my initial usage of this heretofore unavailable product? The entire cast of “I Want To Be A Hilton” (Tuesdays at 9pm on NBC). There. There’s my entire review for you. Choke on it.


4 thoughts on “It Bears Repeating

  1. Question for the hotel workin’ whazzers. What would be the appropriate amount to tip for a shuttle ride from/to the airport? The hotel is only 2 miles away and we don’t have any heavy baggage to sling if either of those things make a difference.

  2. That’s because you don’t appreciate the pain that shuttle drivers have to endure from Bubbas.

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