MovableType, What The Hell?

About one year ago (August 2004) Scientist abruptly asked me to move off of his webserver. Around the same time I began tiring of the effort needed to maintain the whazzmaster PHP code base that I’d built from scratch starting in 2001. So, with those two things happening in such close proximity I decided to migrate to a quasi-commercial blog application hosted on one of Scientist’s ex-co-worker’s web server.

Things began to hum along with a minimum of trouble, but there were annoyances from Day One that are starting to pile up.

Number one on my list: the home page for whazzmaster went from to That’s a long-ass URL, even if typing in redirects you to it.

For a long time I have been annoyed at the fact that when you post a comment you have to refresh the page to view what you just wrote. It becomes tiresome after being subjected to the problem even once, but I don’t have many options to fix it. The only option seems to be tracking down the issue in the Perl code and fixing it. The MovableTyp Perl code, while readable, does not lend itsef to casual hacking due to the judicious use of Object Oriented Perl and many libs being brought in. A.) I’m the first to admit that I’m not OO-Perl savvy and B.) I don’t have a test environment so if I break something I could fuck up the whole site. I’ve left it alone until now but now it’s starting to bug me on a hourly basis.

There’s a new bug that was introduced to a Perl module a while back that was causing 500 server errors when posting comments, logging into the site, or doing anything that involved writing to the MySQL database. Supposedly it’s fixed now, but GUESS WHAT, it still happens every time I login to post an entry, and reportedly it happens when people try to post comments as well. Well, whoopty-fucking-do SixApart, I guess it’s not fixed then is it. I just read some other users that trackbacked to the above-linked entry; one is dated 7/12 saying that the software is core-dumping multi-gig files to the web server directories, so not only is the bug causing posts to fail, it is also eating precious quota space. I can’t login to whazzmaster’s cPanel from work due to port 82 blocking but I’m going to check when I get home tonight.

All in all, I wish I could address everyone’s problems with the site but I just can’t at this time. I’d like to upgrade/switch but to upgrade wouldn’t fix the core usability problems and to switch would necessitate me redesigning the site again. And since I can never satisfy you fuckers with a design I don’t really want to go in that direction… that is unless one of you wants to buy me this.


7 thoughts on “MovableType, What The Hell?

  1. Dude those are sweet! If I actually did any web work any more I’d snag a set! Isn’t your birthday coming up?

  2. Patience is a virtue 🙂 Besides were you really going to start on the redesign this weekend?

  3. 1. Congrats on the poker win, z-monkey. Does poopie rake your gambling wins? Mine does, always peering over my shoulder asking about money for the wedding. Sheet. I like winning money so I can gamble that money and win more. Post the details.

    2. On Monday me and Jess are taking a quick trip to Stl to see the Cards play the Brewers. We’ll do some other shit too like go in the arch and whazz in the mighty Mississippi.

    3. Cal, you punk. Show yourself and comment on how you cheated in the Dinger league. Also, I’ll bet you 20 bucks my team beats yours in the second half of the season, Tempt me, pussy.

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