Fatal Craptaction

I had never seen Fatal Attraction before last night, and I vow before you that I will never watch it again. It is unwatchable. Was I supposed to feel sorry for Michael Douglas in that movie? Was I supposed to say, “What right does that woman have to be mad that Mike Doug banged her a few times and then told her to get to steppin’?” I mean yes, boiling a little gender-confused girl’s pet rabbit is taking things a bit too far on the other end too, but you can’t expect me to cheer on the fact that this guy cheated on his wife when she took an overnight trip to the country. Jesus.

Quote of the movie:
Mike Doug’s wife to Teh Crazy: “If you ever come near my family again, I’ll kill you.”
Zach: “Oooh, that’s gonna be awkward.”

The Movie = Dumb. I’m glad that I never took the time from my busy life to watch it, though I am now pissed that what seemed like 4 hours of last night was taken from me, never to be returned. Thanks a lot Glenn Close, you psycho bitch with liver spots.