My Life

[11:08] Fudd1125: yo
[11:09] zachmoneypenny: yo
[11:09] *** Auto-response from Fudd1125: I am away from my computer right now.
[11:35] Fudd1125: yo
[11:35] zachmoneypenny: yo
[11:36] zachmoneypenny: what up g
[11:36] Fudd1125: not much
[11:48] zachmoneypenny: wanna eat soon?
[11:48] zachmoneypenny: i hate my lunch
[11:48] Fudd1125: huh
[11:48] Fudd1125: what do u mean
[11:49] zachmoneypenny: i mean i don’t even want to eat what i made
[11:49] Fudd1125: ha
[11:49] zachmoneypenny: everything in it is gross
[11:49] Fudd1125: that is awesome
[11:49] Fudd1125: what did u make
[11:49] zachmoneypenny: a sandwich
[11:49] zachmoneypenny: a couple of baby carrots
[11:49] zachmoneypenny: a granola bar
[11:49] zachmoneypenny: a pineapple fruit cup
[11:49] Fudd1125: what r u looking for
[11:50] Fudd1125: sounds like my lunch
[11:50] zachmoneypenny: a sandwich that’s not gross, a piece of fruit, maybe some kind of soup, no granola bar
[11:50] Fudd1125: now u are making me not want what i have
[11:50] Fudd1125: it is the same shit
[11:53] Fudd1125: so how do we resolve this
[11:53] Fudd1125: why did u make urself a gross sandwich?
[11:54] zachmoneypenny: because it was the only lunch meat I had in the fridge
[11:54] zachmoneypenny: but right before I sealed it up I saw that the meat had a label that said “Use By July 10”
[11:54] zachmoneypenny: But I bought it after that!
[11:55] zachmoneypenny: It was the meat I bought at the Meridian Safeway last week.
[11:55] zachmoneypenny: Now I kinda don’t want to eat it.
[11:55] zachmoneypenny: It’s kind of grossing me out to think about it
[11:59] Fudd1125: let’s just get a burrito
[11:59] zachmoneypenny: i concur
[11:59] zachmoneypenny: i seriously need to go to the grocery store

9 thoughts on “My Life

  1. Ok, weird thing of the day. At work, we have to start prefixing everything we do with our initials now. So I was looking something up, and there are all these initials by everything, and the number I needed said “UBS…”. And I said, “What? Uncle Big Show? What’s happening?”

  2. pretty simple… they don’t have a logged document management system. they need to know who is responsible for it. that was the reason SST wanted a web based file system. dumb dumb dumb.

  3. i like that: a sandwich that’s not gross, a piece of fruit, maybe some kind of soup no granola bar ha! entertains me more and more esp later in the evening when i am tired. yes, i am tired at nine thirty. hope those fancy italics work. your friend,


  4. cal, you ass. i totally tried to ESP you 9:30 and the ESP i got back was “dude, shut up, i’m tired”. you asshole. did you totally ESP screen on me?! you dick. that is the last time i ever ESP you. FUCK YOU.

  5. hahahaha, i just got a bunch of cal ESPs going “i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry” over and over like a little bitch. haha, i responded “dude, shut up, i’m tired”. ZING

  6. Cal in his smoking jacket with a pipe, telling Greg he will be retiring early this evening and putting down his book to go get ready for bed: at 9:30pm… weird.

  7. I hate fax machines. The nice account representative at the bank is trying to fax me some stuff, and the fax machine said, “Check paper.” There was nothing wrong with the stupid paper, but the cartridge thingy needed to be changed. Then when I changed the cartridge thingy, I put all the wrong color ends on, so I had to ask someone for help. I also encountered paper jams on both copiers this morning. I HATE TECHNOLOGY!

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