Is Your Sputnik Nearly Complete?

[14:32] WhazzerWife: are you playing poker tonight?
[14:34] zachmoneypenny: not that i’m aware of
[14:34] WhazzerWife: Does that mean you have to play, but only in your subconscious mind?
[14:34] zachmoneypenny: no, Chuzzle keeps my subconcious occupied
[14:35] zachmoneypenny: i was seriously dereaming of little fuzzballs sliding around all last night
[14:35] zachmoneypenny: freaked me out
[14:37] WhazzerWife: HEY
[14:37] WhazzerWife: What happened to lil kim?
[14:37] WhazzerWife: Is she in jail?
[14:39] zachmoneypenny: yeah
[14:39] zachmoneypenny: perjury is a bitch
[14:39] WhazzerWife: who did she perjure herself for?
[14:40] zachmoneypenny: there was shootout outside of a new york studio. she said she never saw anything. lil’ cease and another guy testified otherwise. she got caught lying in court. was about to get sentenced to a hella long time in jail, but threw herself on the mercy of the court and profusely apologized; got it knocked down to one year in the slammer.
[14:42] WhazzerWife: stop it
[14:42] zachmoneypenny: stop what?
[14:42] WhazzerWife: If I catch you saying hella again, you are gonna get it.
[14:42] zachmoneypenny: damn, you hella salty
[14:43] WhazzerWife: not funny
[14:43] WhazzerWife: we are not that dumb
[14:43] WhazzerWife: but that sucks for lil kim!
[14:43] WhazzerWife: who’s lil cease???
[14:43] WhazzerWife: and what did she see?
[14:43] WhazzerWife: did she shoot someone?
[14:43] WhazzerWife: i bet someone tried to steal her style, and she shot them, like in that song
[14:44] WhazzerWife: my sputnik is almost complete
[14:44] zachmoneypenny: remember that “Crush on You” song where Lil’ Kim was clad in all sorts of Primary Color nonsense outfits and singing, “I know you seen me on the video (true) I know you heard me on the radio (true)…” and there was that other guy sitting around in the video nodding at her? That guy was Lil’ Cease!
[14:44] zachmoneypenny: Lil’ Cease an’ Desist, muthafucka!
[14:45] zachmoneypenny: well, at least she ain’t poisoning people’s food yet
[14:45] zachmoneypenny: my sputnik is almost complete
[14:45] WhazzerWife: or putting tags on their toes
[14:45] WhazzerWife: lil kim’s sputnik is not even close
[14:45] zachmoneypenny: it might be in 10-12
[14:46] WhazzerWife: wait, i thought you said she just got one year?
[14:46] zachmoneypenny: 10-12 months, honey. that’s still hella long to be stuck in the clink.
[14:47] WhazzerWife: Ok, I’m buying a huey lewis & the news and a journey cd on the way home. We can listen to that until we get all the “hella” out of us.
[14:47] WhazzerWife: We can slow dance!
[14:48] zachmoneypenny: *grumble*
[15:01] WhazzerWife: (tacoturd)
[15:01] WhazzerWife: hey – post another thread on whazzmaster.
[15:03] WhazzerWife: I had lunch with lil heather today.
[15:20] WhazzerWife: (sputnik)
[15:20] WhazzerWife: (my sputnik is almost complete)
[15:21] zachmoneypenny: my sputnik is almost complete


23 thoughts on “Is Your Sputnik Nearly Complete?

  1. so as to not seem like i don’t actually care about society, i pose this very real problem to whazzers to answer. in my uptopia a “personal voting device” is issued to every citizen. whether or not they use it is up to them. the government continues to function exactly how it does now, but as usage in the voting devices go up, the weighted values of those votes will go up to either a fixed percentage or full governance BY THE PEOPLE. anyways, the people could choose their level of participation on certain issues etc to make sure their voice was heard. surprisingly that isn’t much different from todays lobby groups, but not it isn’t driven by money, rather by democracy… wow, imagine that. anyways, this plan has a few problems to look at. #1 privacy issue. some people will think the government will use the technology to track you down when you commit a crime… well, in my city crimes that don’t hurt anyone else aren’t crimes, so as long as you aren’t hurting someone else don’t worry about it. #2 security issue. just believe that IT JUST WORKS, and is secure. current technology exists that is capable, so just assume the implementation is done correctly. in the implementation is one key step: verifying identity. assume that if someone loses their voting device that they can report it missing and scroll back and verify all the recent votes cast. one big problem, that would require that votes would be logged and capable of retrieval and verification. some people don’t want that because then people could buy votes and get receipts. for some reason people think this is a bad thing. if special interests want to give money to me to support them, WHO CARES?!?! i’d rather i got it than some politian on a swordfish expedition! MY VOTE IS FOR SALE! WHO WANTS IT?! so what, so we have this system where people can report their devices stolen. BUT HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM, AND THE QUESTION THIS ENTIRE POST IS MEANT TO POSE: “Please describe the process of reporting your voting device stolen. The process must take into account what happens to votes for pending and expired voting items, and how the person reporting the device stolen can fix the invalid votes. The process must also take into account false reports of stolen devices to take advantage of the rule posed to the expired voting items. The process must also validate identity before doing anything with the votes or reissuing a new device.”

    bottom line: tell me how to deal with the possibility that the device could be stolen. QUICK ANSWER: you can’t. this is why retina scans etc MUST become MANDATORY. we can’t progress or fix any of societies current problems without just admitting that we need to better organize our civilization or fall victim to every culture before us. ET TU BRUTE?!

  2. I want renal scans on all dentists to make sure they have the proper schooling.

    St. Loiuis was cool. Kinda beat up, but nice. Saw two games (Monday we got destroyed; Tuesday we won), but sadly no Whitey Herzog Bobble heads: they were all gone when we got there. Dang. It woulda went well with my Pittsburg Pirate patriotic July 4th ball cap I got last year. The stadium was nice and junky, kinda like County Stadium, and their new stadium looms behind half-built like the death star. Beers are really big (20oz of Bud Light) and the hot dogs are really red and tasty. Overall the fans were nice.

    OUr hotel was cool. They converted a train station into a hotel and mall. It had some cool foutains and a pond full of goldfish that you could feed pellets to for .25 cents. There were also a few turtles. I spent .75 total on this. We also did some tourist shit, hit the arch (stupid) and a riverboat casino ( par for us: I won 50, Jessie lost 70). We ate some good meals (ribs, seafood, sushi) and got drunk (bar time 3am, across the river in Illionois 5am).

    All in all a good time.

  3. Oh yeah: we also snapped a pic of the best lady in STL: 55 yrs old, white spandex short shorts, cards jersy tucked in to the shorts, cigar in mouth, cowboy hat on top. Yeee HAAAWWWWW. I’ll send the pic to z-money to post. Whazz on.

  4. Moneypenny – I saw your dad today. Ol’ Jack was entertaining around the city and just happened to be sitting in the lobby of my hotel when I met Amy for lunch. Weird.

  5. Dang. After a great month of poker, a night like this was overdue. Took 37 in the US Daily for 0. Was in 6th place. Rasied UTG with QKs, got one caller the sb. The flop is 9K6 two of my suit. He bets a little more than the pot. I ponder, conclude he must’ve made a shit two pair or limped with a monster, but call anyway because I do have a good hand and a lot of outs. I push, he calls with…93 and a far junkier flush draw. River? A 9. Ba ba black sheep have you any wool? No sir, no sir, no bags full. A few hands later I went all in with 1010 got called by 88. He made a 4 on the board flush. Okee dokeee.

    I followed that up by dumping 250 in a wild wild west game of 2-4 short handed. Took it like a slut, lost to everthing you can think of in every way possible.

    Skeezer, after a night like this, I am thankful for my valet job and I’m inspired to fill out the UW Parkside app rotting on my kitchen table. It takes a lot to trundle on and I applaud you, homie.

    Dog walk and some brownies now homies… thats all i got.

  6. Oh and z-money, i got some STL pics I’d like you to post here. Esp the crazy cigar lady. How should we do it?

  7. wirkus & lawman… i know about your plan to chop down the tree in my front yard and i’m okay with it. i’m just going to plan to be out for the day while it is going on lest i lose my mind.

  8. Remeber when we learned about Washington when we were like, seven. He may have chopped down a cherry tree, but at least HE didn’t lie about it.

  9. No, we hired some company…er… North Woods Tree Removal and Stump Removal. Just leave the check with Brian.

    In other news, fucking Mr. Kotter (Cotter?). Is at the final table of a WPT event. R U JOKING ME? Welcome back, I guess.

  10. mr kotter has been playing high stakes cash and tourneys since he actually was mr kotter. that WPT event was from 2003. also it was a freeroll open to any “name” players, and pretty much anyone with a SAG card. the total prize purse put up by WPT, 200k. so it was basically a joke tournament. R U JOKING ME? no. i saw you at that short handed table with like $280… i figured you were up 200. oh well. i would focus on the limit cash games, much better money to be made there in the short, long term.

  11. Hey,

    If I’m making a resume to teach at Parkside, how much bellman shit do I put on there? Any?

  12. i would just put the name of each hotel you worked at seperately with the time you worked there and your official title, then 1 line explaining your responsibilities. if it doesn’t fit in 1 line, they won’t care about it because it doesnt apply anyways.







    Hotel DeScientist May 2004-Jan 2005 *NEW LINE* (italics) Head Bellman (stop italics) *NEW LINE* Managed team of 6. In charge of scheduling and day to day hotel operations.

  13. I’m trying to figure out if I’d stay at the Hotel DeScientist if it actually existed. If it had a poker room and doves flew, maybe.

  14. i haven’t updated mine in forever, but i really really like the layout. whenever i interviewed people and their resume wasn’t structured like this it just pissed me off.… even though it wastes horizontal space, the “education”, “work experience” etc headers on the left make it very easy to once over and get the 1 or 2 sentances you actually read during the interview. granted i was probably the worst interviewer ever, and never read a resume or asked a job specific question… so your milage may vary. for an example of your original question… see the bottom kewpee entry.

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