Our DirecTivo is dying slowly by the day. It starts losing the audio/video stream more and more until it shuts the service off, then when you restart the box it is ok for between a couple minutes to a couple hours, at which point it does it again.

I called the DirecTV customer support line, and was actually transferred to a specialized DVR support line. The guy’s summary opinion: our shit done broke. Bawk bawk what? “Is it normal,” I asked, “for a DirecTivo to last only 10 months?” His response, verbatim, was “Sir, it’s just like any other piece of electronics equipment. It could last 20 years or 10 days.” He also informed me that since we bought it in November it was out of warranty. Our new options: re-up our DirecTV contract for an additional year and we get a new DirecTivo for free, plus $15 shipping, or pay $79.99 plus $15 shipping to get a new one sent to us. Bullshit is what I call it.

It’s hotter than hell here today. I’m sitting in a darkened downstairs of my house with a fan pointed directly at my balls, desperately trying to complete my sputnik before I pass out.


19 thoughts on “Tivo=Broken

  1. I like the resume. Do you have a template? Moneypenny, buy an AC. Things are like 99 bucks.

  2. Moneypenny, punch yourself in the face for paying that much for a house without air conditioning.

  3. wow, i just assumed you had AC as well… seriously, this is a generalized priority list including testicle comfort and televised entertainment: on the top of the list: testicle comfort. on the bottom: televised entertainment. ditch the tivo and buy AC. one of kim’s friend had one that was like the size of a suitcase and it had a hose that connected to a thing that sat in your window, and that’s it.

  4. fun fact of the day: air conditioners work by removing the heat from the air in the house, not by adding cold air to it. the more you know…

  5. We’ve got 2 normal series 2 refurb units. The hard drive went out on one, which I suppose is to be expected. Other than that they’ve been fine, except for the fact that one of the units doesn’t have USB 2.0, which PISSES ME OFF. A 10/100 NIC doesn’t do much good if it’s via USB 1.1.

  6. I made a point to ask the support guy if the HDs in the Tivo had a relatively short life span due to constantly being written to. He essentially said, “No comment.”

  7. i’m leaving tomorrow really early for MKE… I have school stuff all day–until 3ish… same on Tuesday. On Wednesday I’m done at 11:30 and from Wed. on my days will be mostly done at 11:30. Maybe dinner? Maybe lunch on Wed?

  8. do you feel better about yourself watching other people fuck up? well fuck you. i do. i’m a bad person. i laughed at this bitch for a minute. enjoy.

  9. also, the new missy album tight. she is a very very good producer. she brings color to the music, much like outkast. HOLLA.

  10. step 1: smoke a blunt.

    step 2: go to http://www.missy-elliott.com/.

    step 3: at the top of the page a music player will load the first single “lose control”. it’s a good song and whatever, but quickly click over to the second song using the >> button. it is entitled “joy”.

    step 4: close your eyes.

    step 5: enjoy.

  11. I have a serious problem with that f*&$ing sushi place in Mountain View that we went to. First of all, the service was so slow I had to get up and find a waitress to ask where the f*&^ our food was, and no we didn’t still want the appetizer, because we hadn’t even seen her face in 45 minutes. THEN they double charged my credit card for the amount of the bill. I discovered this today, because I am finally balancing my checkbook today. (Zach, check your balance too – I think we split that bill.) I left them a message saying that they double charged my credit card and would someone please call me back about crediting the money back to my account. If they don’t call back, I am contacting the BBB. Maybe Mountain View’ers and Bay Area patrons who are used to this s*&^ for service are willing to put up with this crap, but I am not. No one go to Yakko Sushi. It is hell on earth. That is all.

  12. Was it good at least? Was it gravy? Hoo haaaa. Hey, Sean Q, if you’re reading this, give me a call or an e-mail, mjwirkus@gmail.com. I just found my old handheld voice recorder and there was a 3-way conversation between me, you and Danny about big boobs (and Nelly’s Air Force one bumping in the background). I said I liked them, you said you were not sure, Danny told you to shut up. Nelly just sang.

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