If, by wine party, you mean drinking a glass alone while I do some work, then yes it is a wine party. Seven Sinners Syrah is good stuff. Highly reccomended.

Battle of Bautista is this weekend. Check out the 2004 bios for yours truly and Fudd Ruckus. Don’t know what our team name will be, but it’d better rawk. The after-party is in Los Gatos, I heard. Mountain Charlie’s, I’m comin’ home.

Also this weekend: Scientist’s favorite Garlic Festival (hint: in Gilroy) and the first ever(?) San Jose Grand Prix, being held in downtown San Heezy. Apparently someone thought it would be a grand idea to race indy cars at 190 mph around downtown streets. Awesome.


38 thoughts on “Wine PARTY!

  1. kim dragged me to that festival, but i will admit that the garlic ice cream was interesting. also, san jose grand prix is a bad idea. indeed, awesome.

  2. the guy that runs that basketball tourney is the most organized and driven man alive. i mean, who throws a basketball tournament in their backyard, and puts out a dvd like it’s the fucking super bowl or something. awesome. i can’t wait until some national pro 3 on 3 team submits their $60 and cleans house and takes all that dudes beer and sandwiches. $20 seems like a steal as well. up the buy in.

  3. i think the battle of bautista guy and mac dre used the same video producer. treal tv tight. o so tite.

  4. Judd was just talking about that the other day. The funny thing about the tournament is that you go to the website and you may think, “whoa, these guys are fucking serious about this thing.” Then you show up and it’s basically just a house party with some basketball, so you’re like, “we could do pretty good.” Then you hit the court and all the players are really fucking good, and they swab the deck with you, and then you think, “jesus, they swabbed the deck with us.”

  5. greg is Always Be Closing.

    “You see this watch? You see this watch? This watch cost more than your car. I made $970,000 last year. How much did you make? You see, pal, that’s who I am. And you’re nothing. Nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Good father? Fuck you — go home and play with your kids. You wanna work here? Close.”

  6. Glengarry Glenn Cal: I bet you sit around like mopey Jack Lemmon. Then you crack under the strain and post rants to I know. I have an X10 camera trained on you at this very moment, Shelley.

  7. i just had a good time entertaining myself. go to, then click on each state individually, and then read their state motto in a stereotyped voice from that state. that will probably be enough to make you laugh. but then think about why their state government had tons of meetings with top marketing professionals just to pick that slogan. then think about what it implies, and then back to why they picked it again. it is a very interesting game if you like to think about the dynamic of our nations internal borders.

  8. my version of Always Be CLosing. “You see this toaster? You see this toaster? This toaster cost more than your watch.”

  9. holy shit, i just figured out how to fix government. oh man, such an easy tweak. i set of “issues” will be defined, and candidates for office must define their position on these issues. an overly simplified issue: abortion. choice would be like “allow it always” “allow it unless conditions” “disallow it unless conditions” “never allow it”. and anyone could fit into one of those categories. you make think that there are unlimited number of these issues, or that we just care about certain issues because the media hypes them. well, that isn’t the case. the issues are very simple, and very primal. mainly all revolve around right to life, right to protect life, right to live life, right to create life. thats where you get all the hot topics: abortion, gun control, homosexuality, family values. the main issues would all be defined, i would estimate there to be about 250 issues all candidates must register for. now when you vote, you don’t vote for a candidate, you just answer those 250 questions at the polling station. the candidate is elected by getting the most votes total from matching questionaire responses. so now we know that where it matters, we got the right guy. i’m sure you see a way to cheat this system… vast market research figuring out what people will vote for on that questionaire, then marking your candidate with all the right answers to beat your probable opponents answers. sadly, that is how politics works now, but i digress, for my system has the solution! any new law that involves any of the 250 difined issues, must have voting based on the position the candidates registered for. so if a bill is brought up about abortion, and you said “never allow it”, then you would automatically vote no for any bill that would imply that your answer was not being upheld… this way if your candidate says “i will always vote no on any abortion bill” that they actually have to do it.

  10. You could include a number of those issues into a more “primal” category: right to privacy. All the “right to life” stuff, homosexuality, “family values” (whatever that means these days, I think it just means that a Republican is saying something hypocritical), and others can be boiled down to: The Government has no right to be in my bedroom, my doctor’s office, or my head. Interesting that the libertarians used to be a splinter off the right-wing, whereas no the Dems seem to hold all the Lib issue cards. We need some western state libertarian Democrat to run in 08. Someone from Montana.

  11. Any of the San Jose whazzers have anything to say about Lee’s Sandwiches? They just opened one in Chandler by work.

  12. Not to get off topic, but…this is my last post as a Madisonian. Tomorrow the wife and I will officially be residents of Milwaukee. Any whazzers out there in the Milwaukee metro area, give me a call some time…it would be great to see you all again.

    So long Madison, it’s been a good run.

  13. sadly i disagree on the right to doctor’s office. PERSONALLY, i don’t want the government medling in my personal business, but we must understand that we are also part of a society, and diseases like AIDS exist. if you have a terminal, transferable disease, that we know how to prevent the transmission of (AIDS fits this perfectly), then there should be CRIMINAL penalties for transfering the disease. the problems that come up are proving that you gave them the disease and not someone else. well, that is what our legal system is already in place for. obviously any condition that didn’t have any possibility of hurting the general public in any way would not be visible to any government body.

  14. god damn it. yes. yes, that is good. i just got back from seeing nich schardson… i’m sure that is spelled wrong. i went with arlo. it was funny. my ultra block score to this point was in the 80k range around level 18. i am weak. sigh. frowny face. frowny face.

  15. i lost. flop Q65 of hearts. i have 66… turn Jc, river Ad. i bet the whole way, KT wins..

  16. After I got to level 20, my right hand was numb from cliking the mouse. I think Chuzzle has trained my mind to recognize color patterns of 3 or more I am unstoppable.

  17. i went to highshool with nick swardson- he’s funny shit huh. i saw him at some comedy club last time he was in SF. remember him from those barqes root beer ads a few years ago? and he was in that dumb movie with that awful guy… malibu’s most wanted… oh jamie kennedy – you suck so much… actually i couldn’t bring myself to ever watch that malibu movie.., anyway nick is impressive live huh… sausage race tomorrow! i’m not entered i’m sorry to say. sausage race 06 will be all CAL.

  18. the only people that can “fix” today’s government, are today’s politicians. and the only people HURT by changing today’s government are today’s politicians. now that is a shitty set up isn’t it? who has guns and wants to join me?

  19. cal, yes, he was funny shit. after we were hanging in the bar and he was there and i was being funny as hell and arlo said i should go say hi. no thanks friend. brian regan, and his brother, and john popa, and asian opener guy and harland williams or whatever his name is all have taught me better. never talk to a name comic when you are severly fucked up. but yes, he was hilarious… and no, i can’t bet past level 18 yet. granted i have never played sober. GARRRRGH.

  20. that level 24 guy wasn’t me… he’s a man of mystery. who was that masked man? see you all later, your friend, cal

  21. nick plug: he is in like 2 movies with adam sandler coming up. then his pilot “gay robot” just got bought by comedy central. it is really funny. th premise of gay robot: nick and adam live together. their next door neighbor built a robot. the robot turned gay. the robot like to hang out with them. the robot knows every football statistic ever and can extrapolate future states. yet he always remains 100% homo. example: “hey robot, how will the falcons do this year”…. “based on defensive strategies in their division as well as roster stregth the falcons will finish a dismal 7 and 9… will you ram me in the ass?”. good stuff.

  22. if you have ever had the pleasure of knowing what dr. spaitso sounds like, say the gay robot stuff in his voice. hilarity will certainly ensue.

  23. Sausage race is Saturday. Me, Jess, Lynn, Timmer and Oneil plus a few maybe babies are still thinking aboot it. Sorta shitty, I gotta work until 7am sat morning. But whatev. It should be fun.

  24. Cal: I heartily agree with you on Jamie Kennedy, may he get hit by a truck. Preferably one making farting noises when it hits him.
    Mystery Man: Who are you, I need a face to put on my punching bag while I train to become ultimate ultralock champ.

  25. i am not the mystery man. there are 2 cheats to ultra block: cheat one: click on a wrong block and make a skull, now when you have like 3 lines left, click on it a ton and fill up the screen, now you can get an extra 2k points per round. cheat two: you can hit pause and still look at the board. both of those “bugs” should be fixed. until then, i still remain at level 18

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