R.I.P. DirecTivo

Our DirecTivo receiver gave up the ghost last week. For a while there we could boot it up and get a couple of hours of splendiferous entertainment before it reverted to its natural state, or what I like to call The Black Screen of Death. Now that the hard drive is busted we can’t even watch normal TV.

So I had this great idea that may or may not actually work, since the hard drive is on the fritz. I’m going to try to replace/upgrade the hard drive and also install some cool hacking tools to be able to do things like setup recordings over the internet and copy shows to my computer to burn to DVD.

“How the hell will you accomplish that, Zach?” you may be asking, “Your ability to work with electronics ranks slightly above pool cleaner on the overall list.”

Lo and behold, I have found a way. If it doesn’t work, then *shrug* it was broken anyways. I might as well try some Do-It-Yourself action before I go out and buy a new receiver. Here’s to trying.


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. DirecTivo

  1. isn’t that shit under some sort of warranty? if it is propreitary direct tv receiver, and you already pay for service, then they should legally be forced to GIVE you the decoding device for the signal;… right now the 40 hour series 2 tivo’s are free after rebate. life without tivo doesn’t seem possible anymore. must tivo. oh, and the new version of the real tivo software includes all those new features… like transferring data to your computer to burn to dvd etc… but it’s all DRM’s to death. do you know a way to do it so the dvd will play in any dvd player? if so i am going to record good will hunting next time it is on amc so i can watch that joke over and over again forever.

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