The Battle of B

Battle of Bautista Cinco post will be coming some time this week, but my bug count doubled overnight so I don’t have much time to work on it. The afterparty in Los Gatos was fun once we gave up any idea of getting into Mountain Charlies. As much as I thought I’d hate the 180 Ultra Lounge it was actually kinda of nice. No cover with mildy expensive drinks ($5 Coors Light, which isn’t any worse than other trendy bars in San Jose,) but we actually had a place to sit down and actually talk. What a novel idea.


6 thoughts on “The Battle of B

  1. last night in a 3-6 game: i have AA capped with 4 people… flop is all hearts and i have Ah. i lose to a gutshot on the river. i didn’t lose too much because of the possible flush, but still… bad beat. next hand, KK. wow, that’s odd. again capped, but we’re heads up. flop 237 capped. turn is a 9. he checks. now if he check raises i know he has AA, 77, 99 or the very unlikely 22 or 33. i bet, he just called so i knew he was drawing to 2 outs. river is an 8 and he leads out. did this fucker just hit 888? i call and he shows the snowman. FUCK. next hand i have AJs. i am now a little suspiscious of getting these good hands and getting fucked. i already lost like $60 on the last 2 hands. after i raised, the big blind 3 bet so i cap to disguise my hand. flop is 79T all spaces. woo hoo i flopped the nuts, pokerroom isn’t out to get me after all. check check. turn ace of clubs. now i just pray he has an ace or flopped a baby flush. he leads out. awesome. i raise. he 3 bets. sucker. i cap. river 2 of clubs and he leads out again. “man, this guy is dumb… i capped it… i obviously have the goods”… i raise. he 3 bets and without thinking i cap, then as he’s calling “man, is this guy dumb? how can he not put me on ace high flush, well… unless he has……..” fucker flipped up 68s for the flopped straight flush. ARET!#^!%%!%. i was getting beat like that all fucking night but only lost $250 somehow because i was up a few hundo at my other tables. i hate poker.

  2. wow? is everyone else dead? HOLLAR? there is a new anti online predator commercial, and it shows a chat log of a dude pretending he’s 16… it cuts to his face and the dude smirks. it’s awesome.

  3. I’m not dead. I’ve been anxiously reading your late night posts. And I posted this thread! As for everyone else… well, isn’t it obvious? They’re wankers.

  4. i truly believe pokerroom is rigged. for 7 months in a row, the first 15 days of the month would be FUCKING SHITTY, to put it nicely. i always figured it was some sort of economy bi-product with dead money flooding the scene on the first. that theory went to rest this month when i did over my average per month in the first 13 days. since then i was dead even on the month. shitty. but after last nights 1 in 60,000,000 bad beat streak, i thought the curse was back on. then a tourney i’m in. 400 entrants 150 left, i’m chip leader. i lose 3 all in’s in a row. AA, A9 calls and catches some bull shit. i lose 1/5th of my stack. that is a very very shitty beat. next hand i have KK in first position. i limp because it’s an agressive table and 90% of the pots have been getting raised. i’ll pop it and be glad to just take down the blinds and raise. someone did a 6x BB raise which almost never means aces, so i push and he flips up aces. fuck that pokerroom you set me up. i lose 1/2 of my remaining stack. next hand i have 44 in the big blind. no raise. flop 10 4 2. i check to get information about how i can extract money on the turn and river. and a dude just goes all in… well… ok, that works too, i call. he had done the “i play my JJ like a pussy” play which entails limping and then going in on any flop lower than J high. great, got him drawi….. J on the turn before i can even be happy. now i’m down to 1000 chips. chip leader to last in 3 hands. you may think this story ends here and i’m just bitter. nope. flop no less than 2 pair on the next 3 hands and at least double up each time and i’m the chip leader again. pokerroom is fucking with me for some reason. it isn’t nice. so what pop culture trend pisses me off? the limp with JJ and go all in on baby flops move pisses me off. it is more than defended against by the “i flop 2 pair on baby flop and check to you” move, and the “i have AA and let someone else play the i play JJ like a pussy move and bust them” move. just fucking raise your jacks you fuck. god damn turn. whatever, i’m chip leader again, and now i’m fired up. 5 minute break almost over. i will win. guaranteed.

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