Oh To Be Successful

I’m well into the Tivo autopsy/Frankenstein re-awakening. Right now I’m backing up the Tivo’s application partition to an extra HD I purchased today. It took many a while to get the 160 GB HD formatted to FAT32 (the toolset can’t backup to NTFS because Linux can’t read that filesystem.) In the end I created a 3 GB FAT32 partition and left the rest unpartitioned. After the project is complete, I’m going to refomat the whole kerjigger to NTFS and use it as a media drive.

Surplus Computers was having an anniversary sale today and I was able to get two 160 GB Western Digital hard drives for $78 each (not refurbished!) One is going in the Tivo as a replacement and the other is going into my regular machine as a place to rip DVDs to.

Backup of original Tivo disk was successful. I am now going to restore the backup to the new 160 GB drive. The previous drive was only 80 GB, so I should get some more hours out of it now. If the notes I read on the interweb are correct, however, the software doesn’t use more than 120 GB. I suppose if some hack comes along, I’ll be able to unlock the extra space; until then I’ll have to be happy with a 50% increase in capacity.

The restore worked successfully, so I started to install the hacking tools. Everything was installed successfully there as well. I was able to get the hard drive instaled back into the Tivo with no problems, and no it’s hooked up into the receiver and ready to be turned on. Erin’s finishing up watching a movie, so I’ll have to wait until she’s finished to see if everything worked. On the plus side, there’s been no errors in the setup process so far. If everything goes as planned we should get our Tivo back with increased capacity and a few nifty new features, like web scheduling and the ability to copy shows off the Tivo onto a computer.

Moment of truth: I just plugged it in… weird colored screens… according to the FAQ that’s to be expected… successfully got to the DirecTV screen… successfully acquiring information from the satellite… holy shit, i see tv for the first time in a week and a half.

All of our saved programs are gone, but our Season Passes are all intact, and the To Do List shows a full complement of shows scheduled to record. Looking at the recording capacity, I see it’s up to 116 hours from 78 hours. Nice.

The USB wireless adapter I’m using isn’t supported, so I’m going to have to either re-setup the network drivers with new versions, or buy a wired USB adapter. I think I may go with the latter so I don’t have to crack open the Tivo unit again.

So, in conclusion, it worked! We have our Tivo back, we have our TV back, and once I get a wired USB network adapter we’ll have some extra features as well! Thanks internet, I owe you one.


8 thoughts on “Oh To Be Successful

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  6. Re: Hard Drives

    I’ve been a big fan of the Seagate specials Best Buy has had. I think the latest was a 120 GB drive for $40 after rebate. Super quiet, and a 5 year warranty.

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