Sad, Sad News

From the New York Post gossip mill via’s The Fix:

It’s a sad day for fans of Comedy Central’s wildly popular “Chappelle’s Show.” The New York Post reports that the series, which has been on indefinite hold since its star and creator, Dave Chappelle, abruptly left for South Africa in April, is unlikely to ever resume production. Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie and a close collaborator of Chappelle’s, tells the paper, “I don’t think Dave is going to do anymore … We shot about eight shows for the third season, and they’re hilarious. They’ll be released on DVD, I’m sure. But that’s it.” What about the higher-ups at Comedy Central? They haven’t a clue. Comedy Central’s president, Doug Herzog, told reporters recently, “The ball’s in Dave’s court. If you see him, tell him to phone home”

I hope this is only a rumor, though my excitement about season three has been ebbing for four months now. Looks like there’s no end in sight.


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  6. 1. Check out “Courtroom 302” for a great read about how f-ed up our criminal ‘justice’ system is.
    2. No Cali trip for this whazzer. I have to go to Denver over Labor Day for a wedding. Sorry kids.

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