Yo Ho Hello There

We’re deep into the dank pits of Summer Dawg Days now, gentle readers. It just so happens that the dawg days correspond mightily with what is known in the software industry as “crunch time.” My days are filled with problem solving and my nights are awash in C# code floating in front of my closed eyes. I apologize for the lack of content lately, but you could go take a look at the Battle of Bautista photo gallery to see what we did two weekends ago. Until STC, I bid you farewell.

Update: The link to the photo gallery was broken; should be working now.


15 thoughts on “Yo Ho Hello There

  1. Just make sure you come while I’m here. None of that star-crossed lovers crap with you coming out here while I am in Wisco. And none of that “step right up” crap.

  2. are you going to move to kenosha? that commute from milwaukee would be retarded. especially on your bike.

  3. druckus (that is the new hotness), you know i’ll be spending most of my time in denny’s and mickey D’s… AC in the heezy, i’ll be straight. i’ll be strizzaight. HOLLA. also, i’m working on a song called “why the fuck we got 28 room houses”… it’s an anti-capitalism joint, with social communistic overtones. o so tite.

  4. i went to canterbury yesterday and made a pretty nice score. they have a promotion every tuesday from 10am – 6pm, if you have AA and showdown and lose, you win $75 no matter what limit you are at. wirksu, before you turn all workin man on me and start wearing your tie and working with the dean to shut down the frat parties only to wake up with a dead horse in your office…. well, you should try and make it up here over a tuesday and play some cards.

  5. 1. Congrats Wwhazz–tell us more about your job. Parkside has a beautiful campus.
    2. An anti-capitalist rap? Now this is one I would like to hear, Madddddddd. All of a sudden I’ve never had so much whazzmaster love for you.
    3. How do you get to Kewpees? JW is coming to Raytown for lunch to meet the PDs, and I want a greasy hamburger.

  6. Score indeed Whazzmaster be blowin up. WWhazz: how the hell are you going to commute to Kenosha?! Also, if I’m no mistaken my brother is moving to Green Bay with his sweety. He will be living several bnlocks from Lambeau. Interesting to say the least.

  7. in stella fashion i will be doing everything today in my fancy schmancy suit. items on the itinerary: register my car in minnesota… it has expired plates from august last year in california, so i figure it’s about time. #2 pay my cable bill, electic bill, phone bill and car insurance bill… are are 3 months late pending cancellation… but if you pay them now you avoid any and all late charges and get to hold on to your money and make it work for you 3 months longer… oh ewaz, thank you for teaching me how to pay my bills. #3 grocery shopping. #4 go to best buy and verbally criticize why everything i pick up completely sucks and no one should buy it. #5 get my car washed. preferrably by some girls in bikinis doing charity work of some sort. i’ll tip $1 just to let them know that this big shot in a suit also has money to burn. #6 dog walk. hopefully my suit makes it through the day.

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