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Last Tuesday Erin fond out that Dave Matthews Band was going to be playing SBC Park on Friday with the Black Eyed Peas opening. She went nuts and started bidding on tickets on eBay immediately, and so it was that Friday morning at 11am our kindly neighborhood postal delivery woman handed me a Priority Mail envelope worth $125. The tickets were on the field, stage left, two sections from the front of the stage. We took the CalTrain up to the city and got there around 5:45p. We ate some food and then went out to our seats.

The stadium was pretty empty as the BEPs came out; I guess San Francisco operates on Judd Standard Time. They put on a great opening set, and I drank my first two of many beers of the night. From seven until eight we sat around and watched the place fill, and then at around 8:15p DMB came out on stage.

I don’t remember the exact set list, but it was pretty even between old stuff we did know and new stuff we didn’t for the first 3 hours or so. The problem: the last train left SF at 12:01a, and the only train before that went at 10:00p. We looked around at the thousands and thousands of people who came by train and saud “we’d better get there before they do.” The band was still going strong when we left at around 11:00, and I’m not sure when they eventually got done.

I had a really good time, though Erin declared it a bit “mellow” for her tastes. The two guys next to us were your typical 19 year old DMB fans. They were so-so until they lit up about halfway through the show. Then they were dancing like they were at a rave, and every tmie one of the band members’ faces came up on the monitors they’d scream: “Boyd! Wooooooooo!” or “CARRRRRTTTTER! WOOOOOOOOO!” The two girls on the other side of us bought two beers each, and the one next to me set her beer down in front of her. Every time someone entered or exited the row she would yell, “WATCH OUT! There a beer RIGHT HERE!” and point down towards the beer. Most of the crowd was sympathetic to her protecting ehr alcohol at all costs, except for one older lady who was dressed far too well to be at a Dave Matthews concert. She barged through to get to her seat and kicked the beer through the air, then was only mildy sorry to the girsl who were screaming. I think what amused me at the time is that literally seconds before the lady kicked it, I was joking around and pretending to kick it, which provoked mock outrage from the girls: mock outrage soon followed by real, genuine-article outrage.


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  1. that was a fun ride… my thought process: “whoa, moneypenny is at dave matthews concert? whoa, there is a chick there with a beer? whoa, and he pretended to kick it and she got mad, and then someone actually did kick it? whoa. awesome”

  2. Screw that game, Scientist. I won’t give you respect until you beat me at Chuzzle. All time high score is 850,000. Since I lost the scores when the computer crashed I’ve played twice and put up a 500,000 score.

  3. i’m not dropping a twinkie on chuzzle, and my delux trial has run out. please make any future challenges on games i can freely aquire. is there a chuzzle keygen or anything?

  4. i think this will be funny… running with an idea here… bear with me….



    so poker. it’s all about giving people free cars. “hey, madddddd, you idiot, you meant ‘free cards’, not ‘free cars’… hahaha”. actually, you crotch whore, i meant free cars, so shut the fuck up. heres the deal… you go out to a crowded street with a 1997 honda civic in good condition. you walk around and try to give the car away. you don’t have a title or anything… you just have the key to the car, and you’re trying to get someone to take the car… but the catch is they have to drive off right away because the car is parked in a handicapped zone and you don’t want to keep it there. now. you are serious, you will give the car away… and you tell people exactlly that… but do you really think anyone would really take the car? poker isn’t about reading people. it’s about finding spots to offer them free cars, where no matter how you are acting or feel, or no matter what you are saying or how you are saying it, there is no way this person can take this car from you. the ultimate play… the bluff that can’t get called. even if you take a lie detector in front of them and say that you got nothing, they still can’t call. oh, and kids… be careful… because i just love a mother fucker to offer me up some free cars. HOLLA. I CALL.

  5. a question for all… if caltrain went EVERYWHERE, where would you meet cal? note: you can take the caltrain to get to the meeting place…. because caltrain goes EVERYWHERE.

  6. I’d meet him in hell. Why’d you nix the trade, cal? You tool. You dinger league chump. Really your whole league is belly up… shit your own mom won’t even play anymore. Lucky for me and Mudbutt.

    Also, where in the world is GMX? I had a dream that dude fellated a black man. In the dream, moneypenny told me all about it.

  7. i just saw a motel 6 commercial…. they are now billing themselves as “the official lodger of the PBA”. bowlers. bowlers sleep there, and they assume that will convince others to sleep there. who is the marketing genius behind this one?

  8. I’d meet myself high on a mountain. so i signed up for the football game. is it true that if you lose once you’re out? I hope I don’t lose! very small group- everybody else go sign up. see if you can beat… The Tiny Birds! Go Tiny Birds!

  9. If there were a time travel option, I would meet him at the MP’s wedding and moments before he hit me on the head with the tambourine, I would duck.

  10. I really liked that last comment by katiek. A year from now, I hope one of you guys reads it and laughs. I’m whazzing from Maui. I get no cell phone reception in the hotel room, but I do get reception everywhere else, so that’s cool. (Zach,I sent an email to your work and gmail addresses with the hotel and room info so you can get a hold of me whenever you want.) We’re driving a Trailblazer. It is a giant monster. I’m a little scared of it. But on the upside, there is no feeling the speed bumps in that things when you’re going over them at 30 mph. Fun times. We will be drinking tonight. More fun stories to come.

  11. Hi from Maui again! Nope, a tankini is a swimsuit that covers your belly. A tartini is a weird drink that came in style during the second season of Sex & the City (I think). Here’s a fun story. Today we took a jaunt to the big island to check out places for Karen’s (one of the girls we’re here with) wedding next July. Unfortunately, Q got very motion sick on the plane and puked in the provided air sickness baggie. She is now feverishly trying to sleep it off before we go out for dinner and probably start drinking again. That’s all for today. Also, my cell phone is out of batteries and I found out that apparently all filipinos say “lobatt” when that happens. And when husbands and wives argue, it is called an “LQ”, for lover’s quarrel. I think we should come up with some good phrases and then just take letters off the end. It would save me a lot of precious time. Oh, I’m sorry. PT.

  12. An excerpt, courtesy of cnn.com:

    Lenny Peaslee, executive chef at the Stoughton Country Club, said the twister tore the roof off as about 40 people took refuge in the basement.

    “We were … hiding behind the bar,” he said. “We had beer, anyway.”

    Typical Wisconsin

  13. UBS – Can you call me sometime, or email me? I’d love to get together with you and the wife in Milwaukee sometime. I start school next Monday. Last night JW followed the “breaking news” of the Killer Stoughton Tornado after which he met Mia and I, we convinced him to go out with us, and he got 2 hours of sleep before he got up to chase more ‘Nadoes. Good times were had by all.

  14. storm chasers are an odd breed. i wish i was in maui. pee wee was ahead of his time. beer or tartini, i would drink either. i probably need a tankini… isn’t a tankini just a clever name for a “one piece”? or is it two pieces and still covers your belly? if so, that is stupid. just get a one piece. if not, that is stupid, just call it a one piece.

  15. not having a schedule shaped by forced employment is extremely extremely odd. sometimes i’ve waking up at 4pm and going to bed at 8am, and other times i’m getting up at 5am with rachel and going fishing or whatever. but as i adjust from one schedule to the other and back again, i gain or lose days if you assume our body uses lunar cycles for anything. sleep studies intrigue me. there is this one where you sleep 30 minutes every 4 hours. after you do it for like a week, you body shuts down and wakes up right on time, and every single second of that sleep is regenerative REM sleep. but then after a few months, your body just shuts down and you pass out for days. sort of like how if you wear glasses that invert your vision over the horizontal axis, that after about a week of wearing them your brain flips the picture and you see everything normal. then take off the glasses and everything is upside down for a week. but instead of studying our brains natural ability to make things right we focus research on boner pills.

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