UNDER ATTACK: Wisconsin Edition

Man, you guys are dodging shit left and right. If you go by Journal-Sentinel coverage, Wisconsin is flying apart at it’s Wal-Mart-stitched seams. You’ve got gas prices so, so very high. You’ve got the outrage over Drew Rosenhaus. And now you’re being chased down I-90 by tornados. Jesus, I should bring a survival kit back with me next week.

Oh yeah: I’m taking a vacation from work next week. Wednesday, August 24th through Monday, August 29th. I’ll be catching up with family plus a Brewer game on Sunday. I’m bringing my golf clubs; anyone interested in playing Thursday, Friday, or Saturday morning give me a ring.

By the way– did you hear that Mike Jones got hit with a $250,000 Sprint PCS bill?

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9 thoughts on “UNDER ATTACK: Wisconsin Edition

  1. that mike jone’s thing is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. you don’t get charged for incoming calls that you don’t take, and no way he could take enough to make it $250,000… retarded… so they have a link to “view the bill”, and you click it and it says “april fools”… um… no… more like you’re retarded. check out this picture of a 5 headed baby. hahahahahahahahaha, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 5 HEADED BABY YOU MORON!#%!@#%#% HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. dumb. i’m rolling down saturday to meet up with you and wirksu…. HOLLA

  2. also, redd foxx was a puppet to his white audiences… i just listened to a really really old clip, and it’s obvious he’s doing a show to a white crowd, and they didn’t wait for the punchline of the jokes, they burst out laughing every time he said “ni (there should be a g here) (another g… uh oh… here comes the end) er” no matter what. and sometimes it seemed like he was just setting them up because he would say something so obviously not funny to trick them into laughing at it… almost like he was making them dance for making him dance… i guess that’s the best you can do though. too bad because he just took their money and gambled it away on keno. redd foxx: an odd piece in the puzzle of race relations history of the united states of america… i think he’s somewhere between king jr. and cosby.

  3. For once in my life, I agree with the madd scientist. There’s no way Mike Jones can pick up the phone enough times in one month to rack up a $250,000 phone bill.

  4. ok, rachel watches anything even remotely reality based, so i’ve seen exactly 1 episode of “hogan knows best”… it was entire based around hogan’s family’s reaction to him wrestling in like 1 match in wrestlemania or something and not actually doing anything where he could even remotely get hurt…….. i don’t watch a ton of wrestling, but i see a few shows a month, and for the last like 5 or so i’ve seen, it seems like hogan is fighting every fucking wrestler ever. so you smart wrestling fans, what is the deal? trying to send him on his way in a positive note? if so it’s pretty sad. i think i’ve seen him fight batista, cena and angle within the last nanosecond. for you re-re’s in the crowd, a nanosecond is like super short… like, almost less than a full second. almost.

  5. where oh where do i know jennifer cuevas from? the name sounds familiar… if only i had a booty to match the face up with…

  6. Damn, madd’s blowing up whazzmaster. Good to see. Gooood. Not much to report here: hung over from a wedding last night (havey’s) and an after bar. Really, I’m a mess…

  7. Wirkus, I think you’re invited out to my brother’s birthday dinner on Thursday night. I’ll call to confirm if you’re interested. The invite came from the man himself: Ben Moneypenny.

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