He’s Nerdin Up!

On a whim I purchased the two back issues (volume three is either already out or set to come out soon) of Make Magazine. I’m hooked now, and there’s no going back. There’s a few projects in there that I want to do, like the Atari 2600PC and I’d like to try to make my own PCB just to say I did it, but moreover it got me thinking about the mother of all project opportunities: The Whazz Machine.

I’ve got a few ideas rattling around up here (*taps brain*) that involve switch boxes, fabrication, ROMs, a brain-on-a-platter, Street Fighter II, and playing what I am going to call the nine-course MaxiRound of whazz.

Anthony graciously offered to help me toward the General Project Goal (“Make the thing awesome.”) Due to the numerous online Jamma resources and the existence of Happ Controls I don’t think it will be too much of a problem. Fabbing out the PCBrain will probably be the toughest part.

We’re in the planning and research stages right now. Pictures and updates too come when we start it.


3 thoughts on “He’s Nerdin Up!

  1. why not a porn viewer on the whazz machine where you spin the ball to scroll through the photos which are all fullscreen. to enter an exit porn mode, there are 2 buttons painted like tits next to each other. either button enters porn mode, and either button exits. all of the photos will feature freakishly large breasts. make the pcb computer boy.

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