Via EvilAntnie, I implore you to check out the band TreeWave’s website. It is a band that makes music entirely from old computers and dot-matrix printers. In particular, I encourage you to check out the mp3 for Sleep. Hear that? Hear that printer going “rehhh-rehhh-rehhh” in the background? Wrap your noodle around that. Plus, for any Scientists out there, check out the ~SWANK! ASCII website.


37 thoughts on “DotMatrix.AwesomeMusic.Com

  1. i grew up with dot matrix printers and atari… i used to nod my head to the beat when i printed big ass birthday party banners, so no one wanted it to be awesome more than me. they didn’t pick up on the unique personalities of the individual pieces so it just sounded like a bunch of crap blended together. the old school dot matrix printing sound that i remember was much more funky… in fact, i think if they just printed random stuff it would sound better as long as it stayed on beat, which it should just because of the back and forth nature of the device (i dont remember if it went faster or slower depending on if it had to print something on that row or not)

  2. it’s kind of like when data punked out picards painting… it was a good painting… there just wasn’t anything that would qualify as “art” there. i’m thinking about a cali trip in late september like fly in the 22nd and fly out the 25th or 26th. early stages of planning, so if any of you won’t be around or are too busy, i can easily move it.

  3. Month long losing streak continue… saweet. A few gems: QQ, capped 5 in, A flops, I fold. QQ 3 bet 4 in, A hits, I fold. In a 5$ rebuy, AK misses 3x for me. KJ bb, flop is KK6, get all in on the flop vs…K6os. Rebuy. Very next hand I have 89os on the button. Lose call, but I’m pissed. Flop is 10JQ, I play it fast, there are 2d on the flop. Blah, blah, blah, river is a 9, dude w K and his dick in his hand takes me out. I’m such a fucking champ that I only lost 15 bucks on the night. Yeeee haw!

  4. i got 24th out of 375 in the 9pm $10 tourney. that turned it into $30. woo hoo, blow me. 1st was over 900, and i wanted it.

  5. When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside … Ya’ gotta take a stand, it don’t help to hide … If you hurt my friends, can you hurt my pride … I’ve gotta be a man, I can’t let it slide … I am a real American … Fight for the rights of every man …

  6. Does the next part go, “fight for the rights… fight for what’s right!” or, “fight for the rights…fight for the rights!”

  7. Let me tell you something brother! I’ve been to the top of the mountain. Whatcha gonna do when my artificial knees run wild on you?!!!

  8. ALl those little Hulkamaniacs, bruther, with their vitamans and prayers, one day they’re gonna grow up as strong as the Hulkster. All it takes, dude, are several year sof anabolic steroids, and some joint replacement surgery. Whatcha gonna do, brother, when the STINKY LEG DROP OF DEATH DESCENDS ON YOU?????

  9. quote man, i just don’t know… but tivo showed up today with a few episode of outdoor outtakes. now, i’ve said it before… you’ve ignored me before…. this show is HILARIOUS. i’m serious… find it, watch it.

  10. Nice. King of the quote game: UBS.

    I was paging through The Book of Norris for a good wedding invite quote. So far, no luck, but dude sure had a knack for funning drunk scene.

    Mcteague: “the best beer I ever tasted”-scene.

    Octopussy: The Hooven, this punch tastes like fertilizer-scene. I really like it when dudes start spitting the punch on the ground and pretending that they see wheat sprout up.

    Any ideas, moneypenny? Maybe some shit w Annixter and Hilma or Vanamme and the dream lady…

  11. I’ll take a look see for anything that would be appropriate. Good use of my time on the airoplano.

  12. ok, here is the link… i am posting that link because of a conversation me, gmx, zach, scott and judd had about jumping off the roof of thugg mansion and into the pool. i haven’t watched this video yet, but i saw the first frame… and it looks like the dimensions are somewhat close… to all of those that theorized about what would happen, check it out… i’m going to right now.

  13. When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside … Ya’ gotta take a stand, it don’t help to hide … If you hurt my friends, can you hurt my pride … I’ve gotta be a man, I can’t let it slide … I am a real American … Fight for the rights of every man …

  14. i was wondering how long it would take to delete the slander. i just lost $200 in like 20 minutes at 4 fucking 2-4 tables… didn’t win a pot, and had the best hand 10 times on the turn in pots over $30 each time and got rivered by no more than 5 outs each time. 3 times it was capped on the turn where i had the nuts. usually i like to get even after that BS… but usually it stops happening after about the 5th time… this time i just pulled the plug. if you were running a craps game and a guy rolled yoleven 10 times in a row, wouldn’t you get suspiscious? the thing is, it is more likely for that to happen that what just happened to me… bah. i got a handle of crown last night, so i guess i’ll just go play with that for a while. HOLLA

  15. the last hand, and a good example of the rest… i have JJ in the big blind. 3 limpers, i raise to get the QQ,KK,AA out of the bushes/to enforce current reads/and because i have a hand that is very likely to be the best at the moment. flop J92 rainbow. many many many people check here first to act with JJ after they raised preflop. that is about the dumbest thing ever. if you are going to be a good aggressive player you’ll be betting here about 100% of the time in this situation after you raised preflop. now, that is why raising from the blinds is pretty dumb, because you are offering to put money in twice blind (once preflop, and once as expected on the flop). if you check when you hit and bet when you miss, that is just stupid. if you always bet then you get paid off either way… also, J92 is a flop that isn’t likely to hit most of the raising cards there that weren’t AA, KK, QQ or JJ (which as a percentage of the total of possible hands and the combinations available to make them with, they are very rare)… so as expected, i got played back at. nice. the guy on my left raises me and the guy on the button calls. instant 3 bet. he caps and the button folds. now if i was the guy behind me, i would have capped with AJ even if i thought that, well, the real me, had an overpair, just so i could get it heads up with him if the button couldn’t call. if he could call he likely had me destroyed or TQ at the very least which isn’t in bad shape… then i could just fold the turn. so back to the real me, i put him on a big J, TQs or J9 or very unlikely underset, because for all of the reasons i should bet there, an underset shouldn’t raise until the turn because it is so well masked. so basically i’ve got him drawing dead, but i’ll be a LITTLE cautious if an 8 or a K… if he is playing T8 and the 7 or Q hits, more power to him, i’ll raise all the way. so the turn is a 4 completeing the rainbow. i have the nuts still and it totally missed everyone. QTs is likely, so i’m glad the turn doesn’t pair the suits on board. with 2 people calling capped at these games, they will never ever ever check the turn. now, i would if i were them, but i wouldn’t have gotten into this position in the first place. so i check and of course guy on my left bets and button calls just as i wanted. now i raise and trap the button for an extra bet. he likely would have folded for 2 bets cold (i bet, guy on my left raises), but now i got him to put in the money dead. i am awesome. but instead guy on my left 3 bets! button now folds as expected, but i’m not pissed because now i’m getting even more action! CAP IT! he calls. river T. ok… now QK, Q8 and 78 made a straight. is there any fucking way he has any of those? now fucking way. based on the action i’m 99.9999999999% sure he has a lower set or top 2 pair or AA. i bet he raises. now i know it’s 99. i 3 bet, he caps. as i call i mumble…. QK??????????? REALLY????????????? and he flips up QK. bah.

  16. read that horrid beat again and decided not to play any more tonight… and correction: button called flop, folded turn. either way, shitty hand.

  17. Don’t know what to tell ya. I played a bit, tanked a 1-2 buy in. Lost AA to a turned gut shot str8. Lost 89s on the button with a flop of 10J of my suit to a dude who drew to an overcard on the river and the web gem of the night, limped UTG with 99, 2 call and the BB calls. Flop is 935, bow. BB bets out, I raise the whole gang calls. Turn is a 7. He bets out, I raise, one other dude calls. River is an 8, BB bets out, I raise, other caller folds, BB 3 bets, I cap, he flips up J10. I quit cash games move to a 5 single table, score 4th. Poo, poo cachew.

  18. still off the horse… with more stories of top set getting run down, i can only assume the switch is back on, and i’ll just keep my money this time pokerroom. thank you very much. also… MEVE STIZRACK IS A DIRTY PIG FUCKER.

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