Not Much To Report

Played some golf yesterday with my brother for his birthday. Johnson’s Park is as shitty as I remember it. Today, however, we’re going old school — this afternoon we’re going down to Washington Park Golf Course for a nostalgia round. Tonight is full of question marks, but tomorrow is the big cookout/Racine bar spree/Racine Open poker tournement. The Open players right now are probably Wirkstew, the Maaaaaaadd Scientist(maybe?), myself, and Ben Moneypenny. Updates on the situation as it develops.


5 thoughts on “Not Much To Report

  1. In the absence of Mister Moneypenny, I have become totally addicted to season 2 of the O.C., which came out this Tuesday. The music is even better than season 1, which is hard to believe, because the music was phenomenal in season 1. Go out and buy it. I go to Best Buy about once or twice a year, and I buy very few things there, but I couldn’t wait to get there for my O.C. fix. How is life in Wisconsin?

  2. I am hoping to see Mister Moneypenny and the rest of the whazzers sometime tomorrow. Whether it be BBQ or Bar, hopefully the Missus and I will be there. What about the rest of you whazzers…Racine plans for any of you?

  3. Saw the tennis courts from the 8th tee, but didn’t go over and hang around. Probably still condemned. I DID, however, get up close to the courts alongside that the JV team used to practice on.

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