Trip To Lambeau

My brother called me while I was taking a nap late yesterday afternoon and asked if I was interested in going to Lambeau for the Packers v. Patriots preseason game. Hell yeah I was interested. We left the house at 4:30pm with Aaron’s girlfriend, Jane. Jane’s grandmother lives half a block from Lambeau Field (the Mills Fleet Farm Gate, to be exact,) so we got free parking 2 minutes from our seats and 2 free tickets, 25th row on the goalline. Awesome. The Pack stunk up the joint but it was awesome to be at Lambeau Field, in great seats, watching Brett Favre play football. Even when the skies opened and God Himself expressed His displeasure at the godawful football He was watching, we still stayed in our seats while others fled the monsoon. We stayed til then end and got some pictures down by the field. I’ll upload the pictures when I get back to Cali.

Up for tonight: casual drinking in Racine and maybe poker later this evening. Also, a cookout at the parent’s house. Cross your fingers…


8 thoughts on “Trip To Lambeau

  1. 1. Woah. I need to keep in touch. Have a great time in Wisco. I never leave the library now.
    2. UBS–look me up in the phonebook and call me. Now.

  2. A few updates …
    1. Guess which MIA whazzer is moving to Chicago to work for one of the greatest living Americans, Senator Barack Obama? P.S. It’s not me (sigh … ).
    2. Here’s a funny story: An American that I know is a businessman in Germany. Of course, the lonely ex-pat decided to frequent a strip club and befriended one of the beautiful strippers, who happened to be East African (read: exotic and international). Their acquaintance ripened into friendship and before they knew it their feelings grew into, dare I say it, could it be love? She abandoned the stripping profession and they moved in together, along with her 12-year old daughter by a man whose identity is unknown (to me). After tolerating her frequent requests for money, our ex-pat American friend began to wonder why his lovely partner would not find a job. He repeatedly encouraged her to find employment, and after a few arguments, she did: pregnancy. Now I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digga, but: Get down, girl, go ‘head get down.

  3. I just finished reading Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father . It was a pretty good read. His speech at last year’s DNC was great.

    Jen – I will find your # and call.

  4. Jen – Tried to call but I didn’t want to leave a message on an answering machine that I wasn’t sure was yours. Call Moneypenny for my cell #. We are going out tomorrow (Thurs. 9/1) for Amy’s sister’s birthday. Drinking & drama will ensue, I am certain.

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