“fuck you all”

I know that most of the comments on this site are posted just because you assholes want to see me get pissed, and most of the time I oblige you. A good percentage of those times my heart is not in the outrage, but it makes for fun theater. This time, however, I am genuinely pissed. Scientist, you are a heartless goddamned asshole:

i am officially pissed off about the hurricane. if one more person says one more fucking thing about the hurricane i will kill them. i will kill them with a hurricane. “we are 4 years past 9/11, and we still can’t protect our homeland?”… um… we knew about new orleans… everyone did…. they finally got fucked. everyone knew it was coming… “bush doesn’t care about black people”… ok kanye… that’s a great theory, but again… maybe it was the residents of new orleans not caring about themselves? i mean, do you really want to live in a country where you have to depend on the “care” of your elected leader to ensure your life? come on. if the san andreas ever acts up and sends cali into the pacific, i will be the first one to two step on all the cali whazzers graves. every “homeland” has inherent risks unique to themselves. i hate media. i hate politics. fuck you all.

Kanye West was motherfucking right, and he has a goddamned right to say what he feels. That piece of shit Bush was playing a guitar in southern California while the people he supposedly “leads” were drowning in their own homes. That piece of shit Bush was the one who slashed funding that would have reinforced those levees so that widewpread flooding wouldn’t have occurred. That piece of shit Bush appointed a motherfucking Arabian Horse Show promoter as the head of FEMA… and the fucking guy was FIRED from being an Arabian Horse Show Promoter. Not 20 years ago, but just before he became the chief person involved in saving people’s lives after a disaster hit.

They should have left? How about these people? Should they have just got up and left? Oh yeah, they were in a goddamned nursing home.

A state lawmaker from Louisiana said workers at a nursing home just outside New Orleans abandoned 30 patients, who then died in their beds as hurricane floodwaters rose.

State Rep. Nita Hutter said some sort of rescue plan never materialized and the workers “left them in those beds” in Chalmette.

There was no plan to help any goddamned person get out of the way of that storm. The state government said “You’d better be caaaarrreful.” and that was that. If you were elderly, infirm, a child, or too poor to have a car and gas to get the hell out, you were fucked. Don’t fucking sit there and tell me how all the people that died in that storm were just dumb. I would ask you rhetorically how you would propose to evacuate the bottom third of Wisconsin to Michigan, but I know I’d just get a smartass fucking response. In reality, you know that many people would be left behind. Jesus Christ, Scientist, I never took you for someone who would berate someone for having the gall to die. “fuck you all?” fuckin a.

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  1. so a hurricane in a city that has been waiting for “the big one” for the last 30 years… a storm that will most assuredly wipe out the entire area is supposed to be stopped by the president? come on. the people that need to get fucked are the people using the storm for political gain. i was flipping channels yesterday and ran into the scarbourough report or some shit on MSNBC and they interviewed some guy about how the levees were set up in new orleans, and that fucker cut them off and said “SO THE GOVERNEMENT KNEW ABOUT THIS AND DID NOTHING?!”… then they cut the guy off and didn’t let him explain that not only did they know about it, but it was a calculated risk. every mother fucker there knew the risks of living 15 feet below sea level if your name isn’t aquaman… and they took it and waited. so you want to make the issue that of relief? the entire city is underwater… scratch that, underSEWAGE. you want to send in tanks? you cant. large ships? you can’t. all you got is little rafts and helicopters to go out and get people. if you so much as get wet you’ll likely get sick. so you just tell people to leave and they wont… that is pretty fucking stupid on their part. so you want to make the issue that of early evacuation? come on… if you were so old, injured, or young to not be able to evacuate a city 15 GOD DAMN FEED BELOW SEA LEVEL if the situation came up, then you’re pretty fucking stupid for chaining yourself down there. i am not heartless, and these people certainly didn’t have this coming to them, but they went out of their way to not do anything to help themselves. the government slashed funding for reinforcing levees….. and that is a bad thing?!?! WHY WHY WHY should 1 more good dollar go into bandaid repairs on a BAD fucking idea? here’s an extreme: go out to the middle of the ocean… build a circular wall 100 feet in diameter all the way to the ocean floor. build a house on the bottom. is that smart? NO. mother nature is a bitch, and as far as i’m concerned these citizens have been poking her with a dull stick for the last 90 years.

  2. how would you evacuate the lower third of wisconsin to michigan? this is a simple multivariable equation where percentage successfully evacuated x is directly related to total time of evacuation y. if you look to maximize x, y goes to infinity. if you look to minimize y, x goes to 0. if you have 7 days and get 90%… then how can you bitch about the 10%?! OF COURSE PEOPLE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND, it’s a fucking disaster. do you think the dinosaurs sat around bitching about the dust cloud? probably… but you know who survived, the aligators and cockroaches, and cockroaches don’t build their homes 15 feet below sea level.

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