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  1. Come on now kids, let’s all make up ok??? My favorite argument in all this is the “we all knew it was coming sooner or later why you live there calculated risk you dumb dummies” which is slightly disconcerting due to the fact that I am presently sitting on top of a giant sand bar peninsula sticking directly out into the Pacific Ocean on some enormous faulty Mcfault line… Did I mention it’s mostly made of sand? “You ate sand? We ate sand” (quick, name that movie) anyway my point is… Um… Don’t fight anymore because at least you don’t live somewhere that they EXPECT will fall into the ocean.

  2. Well that little fart cleared the room…

    Anyway, school started today. Turns out one of my students is blind. That should be fun.

  3. and living is the bay area is a SMART calculated risk. the weather is perfect, and in the event the big bet comes up bust, you all have enough money to safely ensure the evacuation of yourselves without the dependance on mother government…. well, maybe you don’t have enough money cal, but i’m sure moneypenny would pick you up as he’s 4 wheelin down the 101.

  4. i have constructed a personality profile as i understand how we are analyzing this issue… C: devotion to responsibility as a citizen, S: devotion to self.

    madddddddddddd C:5%,S:95%…. wirksu C:25%,S:75%…. zachsu C:50%,S:50%…. calsu C:65%,S:35%…. erin C:95%,S:5%. does that sound about right… i mean i don’t anyone actually fighting about this, it’s just that if you put a problem in front of that group of people, the strategies will be inherently different. lets say our entire population is stuck in a fast moving river towrards a waterfall and our sure death. the maddddddd character above will ensure he gets to shore safely, then devote 100% of his ability to trying to help other without putting himself at significant risk of getting back in the river without being able to get out again. the erin character would immediately look for others in need and try to help them selflessly. madddddd is assuming that everyone is trying to get to shore and maybe we don’t have enough time to help, so every man for themselves….. erin is assuming that if she helps people, maybe they can help others and then we’ll have a better chance of getting everyone out. if madddddd is wrong, many people may be left unsavable. if erin is wrong, everyone may die by spending too much time trying to help others. if maddddddd is right, a good portion of the population will survive, but some, maybe many, may be left unsavable. if erin is right, 100% of the population will be saved.

    and that’s what i’m talking about a win win lose lose situation. there is no way you could say that either of us was right. seriously, don’t fight about, i’m just pushing rhetoric.

  5. Day 1: Whazzmaster argues and hates each other.
    Day 2: We all come together to find our comon humanity.

    Yup, seems business as usual.

  6. X-files?

    Scully: you ate sand Mulder?
    Mulder: yes we ate sand Scully. me and that alien. we ate sand

    anyway, the big show’s the winner: raising AZ – good work hommie.

  7. congress approved 10.5 BBBBBillion in relief and is asking for 30 to 50 BBBBBBBillion more. last i checked there were 300 million citizens, so we all are automatically “donating” about $50 each through taxes, and they want another $150-$250 each to fully solve the problem however they have defined that… so if you think the red cross could solve the problem better, send them $200 and tell your representative to vote no. if you’d rather the government handle it, tell your representative to approve the funding… if it doesn’t pass, and you feel that they really do need it, then donate $200 to the red cross. again, either way is right and until we live in a society where everyone agrees (never), then we’ll both have to accept that we are wrong as well. funny story: i went to the minnesota state fair last weekend… all the radio stations had booths and were broadcasting live, including one extreme leftist station with the tag line “WHERE LEFT IS RIGHT, AND RIGHT IS WRONG”… they were on commercial and i went up to the guy, pointed at the sign and said “don’t you understand the transitive property?”… he just shrugged. i’m very very very sad to say that cal probably has the best ideals for making society a better place… but jesus… do you really want to live in a world full of cals?

  8. I saw X-files yesterday and they were buried in sand by a fleash eating plant. I really thought they said that.

    Lynn started med school today and got here cadeaver to play with. Hers is a 101 year old dead lady.

    I got Raiders plus 7 1/2. Weeee ooo weeee ooo. Cal, Randy Moss is having a fine game. Also, thanks’ fer the 10$ bones. What was our final deal with dinger league? Was it I won 20 and I paid 10 of it for my and your enty fee? I can’t remember.

  9. Who’s getting a divorce?

    We had a blind guy around here for a few weeks while a contractor of ours got hit by a semi (he’s fine now). It was pretty amazing how quickly he was able to get around (even up the stairs and through the lunch line), and all the stuff he had for interaction on the computer (Braille terminal, text to speech).

  10. yo the ten bucks was for the football entry but now it’s $20 no? let me know. and the deal with the dinger league is… i had to beat you by over 15 and… that didn’t happen so i owe you $20. jerk. anyway let me know the cost to play this football game.

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