Whazzmaster Suicide

Week One kicked off last night. Erin didn’t make a pick on time so her team (‘zach is a republican’) is out right away. Three people correctly picked that the Pats would whoop the shit out of the Raiders. We continue on.

Here’s whose Cali money I have: me, timmah, erin. Timmah paid $10 so he’s in for the Dom but not the second half prize. Cal, you can Paypal me the money at zachery@whazzmaster.com. I’m pretty sure the Cleveland Steamers is peterstiffly. I can get his money when I’m in Madison next week.

Oh yeah, I’ll be in Madison next week. The Concourse was sold out for all the Career Fairs happening around campus (Engineering and Business Schools at least) so I’ve got a double-D waitin’ at the DoubleTree for me.


32 thoughts on “Whazzmaster Suicide

  1. Ok Cal, here is the deal. You owe me 20$ from our Dinger league side bet (sure, you have a few more games, but I’m calling this one) and you owe me 10$ for the second half of football. Here’s the deal:

    1.) Pay my 30$ football entry to that vagina Njus.
    2.) I’ll tear up the 10$ check you sent me. Use 5$ to pay my Dinger league entry and 5$ to pay your Dinger League entry.

  2. I’m opening a sportsbook. Zach, right now, I’m offering a deposit bonus. Deposit 150$ and get a free 20$ bet on any week 2 game. Interested?

  3. 2nd half prize? wazzthat?

    seeing how (lucky) people picked the PATS over the Raaaaaaiderz, I might as well go in on that to. Another 10?

    Uh, Randy Moss + Unknown Offensive + Defensive Corridanators for the PATS?

    I guess the trump card was Kerry ISUCKBALZFORALIVING Collins.

  4. Nov. 5th looks good for the bachelor party. Flights are 260ish if you want to fly in on Friday, go back Monday or Sunday. I guess I’d like to have all day Saturday and maybe catch the packer game on Sunday at Steny’s or something.

    I’ve got some rough draft ideas floating around in my head, but if anyone else has any ideas I’m open. Also, I’d like Scott and Judd to come, but understand if they can’t make it cross country just to get drunk. Cal too. He can JO Brandon in the bus when we go in the strip club.

    Overall, I’d like the party broken down into 3 sections.

    1. Games during the day. Poker for sure, maybe an Olympics of sorts involving bar games, video games, board games or a combo. Maybe a Miller tour or Lake Front Brewery tour.

    2. Boobies

    3. Going out. I think pals are too scattered to do a party like we had for you, but we can still go out and maybe do a biker poker run with that.

  5. as we say in minnesota: geez louise. per mp’s instructions i sent paypal. so don’t tear up the check. send njus a check and i’ll send you a check for your dinger league victory. way to go.

  6. don’t think i’ll be able to make the bachelor par-tay… i’m pretty much a bachelor party wet blanket anyway unless it’s a jogging bachelor party- is that what you’ve got planned? jogging? a jogging party? like where we all go jogging?

  7. did anybody watch “the office”?

    “Bush administration documents have credited Brown with overseeing emergency services while working for the city of Edmond, Okla., in the mid-1970s. Brown’s official biography on the FEMA Web site says he served as “an assistant city manager.” But a former mayor of Edmond, Randel Shadid, told AP on Friday that Brown had been an assistant to the city manager — never assistant city manager”

  8. i don’t think jeremy works there anymore. i seem to remember him telling me that when i sent him whazzmaster.com rent money.

  9. i want to go to la viejas. does anyone else? i want to be in town for 72 hours. 20 of which i will spend playing poker. 20 of which i will sleep. 32 of which i will be a puddle of drunk. anyone else want to play?

  10. Jeremy left before me, probably about 4 months ago. Dave’s on his way out. we don’t have slant eyes, you see…

  11. the skrill account is sitting at 675 again. the disaster caused by hurricane wirkstew has been relieved.

  12. another great discussion of why any government is doomed to fail can be found here: linky link… scroll down to read comments. the basic jen h arguements about nanny states….

  13. i’m at a computer playing games 6 hours a day… i got 2 monitors, one on the games and one on one of the few websites i read…… without audience participation a maddddddddddddddddd posting show is inevitable. wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  14. Ok,

    I’m a hater, but I ask: what else is there for me?

    I lost on week 1. I got killed in fantasy football. I retired from poker.

    So I’m a hater but also a degenerate gambler. And I’m drunk. so…

    For Ss football:

    20$ madd does not win.

    All: bet 10$ and make it to week 10 and win 50$.


  15. Also,

    I was goofin on zach about the sportsbook. Figured I’d take the skrill if he wanted to open one instead of some islander. But cal or anyone: if you want to make any bets, I will book them. You can go as low as 2$ a game.

  16. wirksue, i’m pretty sure you committed a felony there. i do not take the $20 bet that i don’t. because i was full of myself. even though i guarantee i will win. also, getting to week 10 is a pipe dream. also, no bet. hollair

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