Week 2: It’s Getting Quiet

Only four people left to claim the prize. It looks like Timmer forgot the time deadline on picks, but myself, madddddddddddd’s erection, The Tiny Birds, and bellygirl remain. Pitt is blasing Houston a new one as of halftime, and Philly is taking no prisoners against SF, but sadly it looks like Indy isn’t doing as well as hoped for against the only team to win one from them at home last season. I’m not gloating over Sceizzer’s loss yet. There’s still a lot of game to go, and Pitt could give it all up or Indy could go all freight train on Carolina, but until then I’ll smile satisfactorily. I can taste the Chalky Dom already.


15 thoughts on “Week 2: It’s Getting Quiet

  1. jesus dude, you had me worried. i’ve been driving home since noon and chose to listen to 6 hours of stand up comedy instead of NFL via radio. rollercoaster of emotions… you were like “we’re all still in it” which i thought meant i won as fully expected… loss did not even cross my mind as a POSIBILITY this week. so i was happy, but not elated… just normal with a smirk. then you were like, and here is how the games are going and it looks like indy is going to lose! and i was like, wait, YOU SAID JUST JACKS!… and moneypenny was like, come on maddddddddddd, you made me for the 7s, you’re a player… and i mumbled something in russian. so i was like, NO FUCKING WAY, so i check the update and final score 10-3… EXACTLY AS EXPECTED. here is the deal with the indy pick, i figured indy would almost guaranteed score twice, and almost guaranteed keep the other team from scoring at most twice. so my chance at NOT LOSING was pretty good, and a bet you can probably not lose is always a winner the big book of cal’s gambling tips and tricks:101 ways to beat keno that THEY don’t want you to know about!7th edition.

  2. BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKAe7.com is available cal, i’ve been telling you for weeks we should be moving on that before some cyber squatter sneaks in and puts the genie carpet beneath us… and those things just whip out from under you on a genie’s whim. “atop a genie’s carpet is never a good place to be” -confusious. CAL!?#%!%!#% ARE YOU LISTENING!#%!#^!#^ we must move on this. enough of this willy nilly, we’ll just wait for the publisher to pay us royalties, no biggie… no biggie we haven’t been paid in months… all because this book deal that was supposed to make us rich is only driving your attorneys crazy! what happened cal? BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKA!e7 was going to be a hit… and you know what cal? it’s looking more like a NOT hit. you haven’t even sold 1 copy of BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKA!e1 thru BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKA!e6… if BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKA!e7 doesn’t sell at least 1 copy, i don’t think you could even get matt damon to greenlight BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKA!e8… i mean, we would have just proven the market really doesn’t exist… and i think we both know that with BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKA!e7 we’ve proved that THEY are hiding things about keno from us, and we have found those things out and published them in this book. you did a great job cal, but serious business matters such as your laxidazical attitude towards LEGITIMATE business ventures such as the acquisition of BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKAe7.com (and possibly BBoCGTaT101WtBKtTDWYtKAe7.net, but never any .tv domain, because that is just stupid…. ufc.tv, i love/hate you. change… for you… not for me… for you. please). so cal, yeah, you know my number. it’s time to get serious because we both know the gravy train of keno secret revalation could really use some coal in good ol’ engine #7. because it’s the last engine we’ve got.

  3. Just about time to register for the wedding. Any tips? It sounds fun, but at the same time I don’t want a bunch of clutter.

  4. Hey Wwhazz…
    Register at whatever fancy pants place you guys want to, but register at target, too b/c you’ll be able to register for guy stuff… like videogames and toolboxes. Oh, and if there is something you really really like, but it’s exorbitantly expensive… register for it. B & I registered for a set of candleholders that we loved and we *knew* nobody would buy them, b/c they were like $300… for two candleholders. But low & behold, someone did get them for us. And yes, we kept them.

  5. last night we had a bad storm in the twin cities area. houses completely destroyed by the winds… not tornados, just the wind. tree uprooted all over. not tiny trees, 3′ diameter oaks. ironically the roof of the biggest lumber yard in the area was completely destroyed. power was out in most of the area around our house since last night. 87,000 people are still without power, and because of all the trees down and screwing up the power grid, they are estimating that it will take an ENTIRE WEEK before power is restored. george bush has not said one thing about this storm. george bush hates white people…. oh, and the idian couple that plays tennis all day… he hates them too.

  6. 2 more rants today: 1, rita… are you watching the news of the evactuation? everyone is fortunate in these areas to have cars, so pretty much 100% evacuation… too bad not everyone owns open road or they would actually be able to get out of the city. wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh. once again, disasters are disasters because they are disasters.

    2, catholic church make’s official law to ban gays from being priests… BAD FUCKING MOVE YOU BOY HUMPING SISSYS! all along they have me believe that homosexuality is a CHOICE… that people aren’t BORN gay, they CHOOSE to be gay. so in the past the church didn’t care because priests are supposed to unnaturally declare a life of celebacy… so if you aren’t choosing to fuck dudes, then you aren’t gay. now they are changing that stance and ACCEPTING the fact that people are gay on the inside regardless of their actions. if people are NATURALLY gay, then God created them that way… and if that is the case, then you just threw a big ass fucking wrench in your machine of national mind control. so if being gay is a choice, and i sign up to be a priest, i’m obviously CHOOSING NOT to fuck dude and thus NOT be gay, but now that isn’t enough… now even if you choose not to be gay, they are saying they won’t let you in, and that they are not a safe haven for celebate gays anymore. FUCK YOU CHURCH, this is one of your biggest issues and you are basically caving in to public pressure even though it goes against everything you have stated in the past. FUCK YOU HARD CHURCH, RIGHT IN THE ASS. also, fill up your gas tank, zach is getting his $5/gal wish early this year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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