Haven’t written an general post in a while. I’m real, real tired at the moment. Got up at 5a yesterday to go to The City for a conference. After it was over, I hit the proverbial pavement with the RDP Krew (a.k.a. the Wu-Tang Clan) and got drunko down on Lombard at some place called The Matrix. An accursed KFC sign got us excited with its “on-ness” until we ran up to the front door to find it locked. Last resort time: Junko Pizza Joint. I laid down on the floor of the hotel room I begged someone for at around 1:30 or 2a and then woke up at 6a to get ready for Erin to pick me up and carry me on her zephyr-wings back down to Mountain Dew, er, View for another day in the software mines of Tungus 4. We’re in Ed Norton in Fight Club land here; was that a naked dude that just flashed in front of my eyes? Is my alter-ego at home banging my wife? Stay tuned for that and more on this week’s edition of Your Mama So Poor…

By the way, I want one of these.


31 thoughts on “Mutiny

  1. yeah, that thing is awesome. of course assuming it works… i mean if the game doesn’t take advantage of the controller, when a different input device (like a current xbox controller) could have done the job better, then it is stupid. i think we can assume they already know that and will come out with great games that rely on the unique gaming options you get from this controller. i would expect them to come out with a new zelda and a new mario kart… and unless they build the game around the controller instead of the other way around they could be real flops. good luck to you nintendo. my $399 is waiting, and you fuckers better give me 2 controllers with the extensions and not charge another $149 extra. if you did i would just go to zach’s house to play. i hope they make the NES version of tetris (by far the best) ported directly to this system… just moving my arm over the right amount and then flicking it down would give me a huge edge over someone playing with an NES controller.

  2. also, i didn’t get the implication of the Your Mama So Poor… i mean is she so poor than your alter-ego is banging her, or is she so poor that she IS your alter-ego, or is she so poor that she is banging your wife? i mean all three seem pretty harsh… i wasn’t sure who you were gunning on. your alter-ego is a bitch though, so i hope you were gunning on HIS punk ass. HOLLA

  3. people are advertising second chance leagues already, so i think you can start a new league with a new number and password if you everyone wanted to.

  4. local news here everyone is going apeshit saying that they received no warning, and were provided no shelter. now me, i heard the tornado sirens going off all fucking night. so these people are just lying or stupid. and the people complaining about lack of shelter live in a god damn trailer park.

  5. yo yo yo! i’m OG Gangster G, yo! you may look at my name name and think it a tad redundant… much like PIN Number is seen (Personal Identification Number… Number)… so you may think, “OG is Original Gangster… so OG Gangster is a tad redundant”… see, told you you may think that… but then i throw the zinger from left field in… ANOTHER G! leaving people stunned, confused, amused, and slightly soiled. so that’s right homie, OG Gangster G is ON THE SCENE! CHECK YO SELF!

  6. yo yo yo, i drop verses for bitches with fo dolla purses / nekkid fuckin nurses on astroturf surfin / blurtin imagined fumigation like they in the cut waitin / straight hatin cal all in yo face with his dick, talkin bout MASTERBATE IT / the dates elated, pimpornot rated, perfect 10 is what they gave him / too tite like a truck with 16 wheels getting wide turnin right / like 8 pounds of bud when all you need is a light / knife by my side, dick down the middle, strap on the waist and the caliber’s not little. bits and kibble, i’ll steal your dog and play his fiddle, like a cow jumpin over the moon, OJs acquittal. HOLLLLLLLLLLA OG GANGSTER G IN THE HOUSE

  7. who pushes ryhmes like this? who got the whip cream tits? get what i get then dance and throw fits! hiss at the nitwits… i’m with this… and haters run around with they dicks. period, i’m serious, gettin raw like my ass just finished delerious / fast and the curious… george takin down the country like hissy fits. shit doesn’t make sense. HOLLLLLLLLLLLLA

  8. they also call me 3G because my name is OGGG… three G’s… so it’s pretty trival. NOTE: do no confuse my abbreviated name with OGG (a popular music compression codec)… 3Gs. annunciate.

  9. dick spatter in yo hair bitch… dark matter in the air like russian space-o-kovich / balogna sandwich grasped by hungry giraffes… with calculators screamin how they can’t do the math / and that ain’t the half when you bring up the truth, like makin hella skrill when you’re brought up jew…. SHOUT OUT TO MY JEWS!!! UHHHHHH, where you at JEWS? HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA if the jews on the left feelin this, let me hear you say HELLLLLLL YEAH……………. if the jews on the right feelin this, let me hear you say HELLLLLLLLLLLL YEAH……………. wow. none of the jews are feelin this. well fuck them and they snipped up penis.

  10. i spit my verses musicoe… note by notin it / if you got a big wang in a flood, cock boatin’ it / and if yo mom around you gon see yo mom chokin’ it / peep show strokin it we peewee herman recordin it / on his verizon phone… UHHHH HIS VERIZON PHONE UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    product placements are my specialty… MAKE MONEY MONEY MAKE MONEY MONEY MONEY! HOLLA

  11. damn fool… you took out my double impplication… == with brackets… so just know that OG Gangster G == 3G. === even. and that shit is too tite.

  12. man, tough poker beat. 6 handed capped preflop. i have KK… flop 2JK. capped with ALL of us in. turn 7. capped but only 4 of us see the river. i have to figure TQ, or 9T or AQ is out there so if a A, Q or T falls i’ll just call it down. i also assume one other dude has JJ or KJ. river J. i decide to just call it down, but 2 other dudes decide to cap it. the other dude had 22 and just now decided to start betting his set. i call it down and JJ wins. biggest 3-6 pot i’ve seen in a while. and i got rivered. bah.

  13. ha-ha to the ho, laughin like rich folks when they slaves out in the cold / just won a huge pot feelin like one eyed willie when he first got his gold / sparkin pot like willie nelson when his records hit gold / bill cosby dancin in giant jello mold / talkin like pudding pops when they ain’t in the cold…. HOLLA, EAT THOSE PUDDIN POPS, BITCHES!

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